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  1. Turtle Time: Judgement Day 2000 DVD Review Part 2

    Hi this is the second part of my Judgement Day 2000 DVD review. I recommend that you read first part of my review if you haven't. If you have glad you're reading Part 2 .

    Ok so lets get on with it . . .

    Falls Count Anywhere: The Big Show vs. Shane McMahon
    Brief hype package showing how this came about (Shane was disappointed in Show's goofing around. Show cried.) ...

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  2. Turtle Time: Judgement Day 2000 DVD Review Part 1

    Hi this is my first blog (well a review really) and i thought it'd be a good idea to do a review of old/previous WWF/E PPV's and maybe some other companies as well.

    Consider this as a sort of a tester (like a Pilot for a TV episode) and your comments on whether you like/hate/are undecided on this idea or how it can be improved would be greatly appreciated.

    Anyway, on ...

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