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  1. smellmycooking's Avatar
    completely agree with ur view on Punk. I remember the awful titantron promo and cant believe that it is the same CM Punk that we are seeing now. As for Anderson, I really like the guy but I am not sure what TNA are trying to do with him at the minute. The asshole gig went stale months ago!
  2. jonod's Avatar
    I was really disappointed when Kennedy left WWE. He had a great fued with the Undertaker once upon a time and still has an amazing gimmick (i often think of Kennedy when The Miz does his 'I'm Awesome' bit). Anyone remember his big comeback speech at Wrestlemania one year? He was built so well. Unfortunately like most at TNA I think he's wasted and comes off as a weird stone cold/sandman rip off.. I prefered his intellect in WWE..
  3. helmsley's Avatar
    sorry but kennedy is just a glorified jobber and will always be,plus i dont really see the comparison between tna and wwe
  4. Marx's Avatar
    I would like to hear Anderson about his status in TNA. At first he was 'they really let me be myself' and 'at least I'm not a jobber here' and 'wwe sucks with the politicking'..

    Now he's on a dead end, jobbing to Bully Ray, whilst the politickers are surpassing him on all sides. If there is to be a 'from champ to chump for dummies' book he should write it. If you see how they use him now, I can't imagine him ever regaining the title. Totally broke the gimmick down.

    Same goes for Elijah Burke, another guy that was 'so happy to leave the WWE' and TNA is 'so much more honest'..
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @blink: I couldn't have said that better myself.
    @DXFan619: I think you mean WM18, when he lost to The Rock.
  6. blink's Avatar
    I agree 100% about angle but my main beef with the whole hogan thing is, people credit him like he was some sort of genius that revolutionized the sport. And I'll give it to him that he was the biggest star of the 80s and 90s but I give about 90% of the credit to Vince McMahon. Sure hogan had charisma that people loved but Vince took a guy with a good look, gave him an ultimate face character, and booked him in all the right feuds. Honestly his ring work has always been lousy but when you're booked against a good worker they tend to make you look good as well. Honestly I bet it's impossible to have s bad match with guys like Randy savage. If Vince hadn't given him his character, put him in those feuds then hogan would've been just another big guy, so I don't really see why he'd be the go to guy to revolutionize tna. I mean what has he really done? Knocked a couple turn buckles from the ring, re did the Montreal screwjob and the nwo and gave abyss a super ring.... I know this is a long ass rant so I'll cut to the point now, hogans main appeal these days is due to the nostalgia from the 80s when Vince made him a star. He revolutionized nothing on his own, has bought in to his own hype and is turning a once promising company into wcw 2.0. Hogans should go away and be remembered for the guy he was and stop coasting off it and dragging tna down with him.
  7. Rick BoA's Avatar
    Angle is the best current wrestler today. The man is amazing has only has gotten more intence since he joined TNA. WWE should have used him as a real player instead of a goofy heel.
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