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  1. My Favourite WWE 2011 Moments

    Hey guys. TBH this year has had some bad writing and bad promos and some general can't get any worse moments. But its also had some good times. I just want to put a list of the moments when I was reminded why I love wrestling. If it was possible to chop raw up on my sky player (like tivo for the UK) and save parts the list would be bigger but going back 52 weeks is hard from memory. Dont wanna go ...
  2. Mr Kennedy in WWE; Hogan/Punk TNA

    Hey I put this as a blog incase I rant.

    I think everyone is either really enjoying, or a lot happier with the way WWE has moved forward in the last few weeks. I've enjoyed it a lot. Really tho. there are a couple changes which are significant for me and the major one is CM Punk

    When I see CM Punk as he is now I do a little check over his career. He's always been a real ...

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  3. Hogan and Angle: Their Legacy and Folly

    Hey EWN. Been a lurker for a while and thought it was time to join the community as ive been enjoying reading the blogs and threads here more and more. Hope i'm sticking to the rules.

    This is about TNA's Kurt Angle and Hulk Hogan and the image the IWC has of them now.

    I typically don't watch TNA. But will stay up on monday nights til 4am to watch monday night raw live ...

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