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    I can actually see a few of these myself.
    Daniel Bryan -
    Definitely could be a Benoit, he's got the submission based style and the I have heart kind of build and bond with the fans. He needs more attention for this to happen though, and time.
    Bourne -
    You cannot remake an Eddie, EVER. No offense and Rey you'd have better luck with Sin Cara. Bourne would be more like a "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, Hits that one move and its over, but with that being said I could say the same about Justin Gabriel who I like as a wrestler but idk why yet. lol. They both just have that OMG moment for a finisher. Maybe a Jeff Hardy even more.
    Sheamus -
    Could definitely be another Triple H, for the same reasons Triple H is Triple H. He knows the right people, Is hated yet wins regardless, has a nice move set, good build, and is very smart behind the scenes, read some of his interviews. (I'm not bashing Triple H here he's one of my Favorites this is just the TRUTH) He just needs a little help with who likes him behind the scenes.
    Kofi Kingston -
    NO. Neither of them, I'm not going to talk up Ric Flair because he's trash in my opinion, a d**k in real life and a d**k in wrestling too, Everything is about him same as Hogan gets mad when he has to put over a younger star thats NOT his buddy behind the scenes. Booker T? probably not.
    Jack Swagger -
    He pretty much already is as much Kurt Angle as he can get. Minus the skill and greatness. Angle is one of the wrestling worlds greatest wrestlers, Swagger cant be that. Nowhere near, so he cant be the next Kurt Angle but he can be this generations Angle. If that makes any sense.
    Dolph Ziggler -
    Bret Hart I can honestly see, not him, but like him yes. He's got that I'm great and I know it attitude, lots of confidence. He has that look that just reeks of "hey im fresh and i'm all about my looks" like Hart was and he's ok in the ring, if he can improve on the mic skills and develop his character furthermore he could be a top card superstar.
    Drew McIntyre -
    Ok I can somewhat see them both, in long term. However as far as IM concerned he's trash and WWE should dump him. He just doesn't catch my attention. He needs to do what Stone Cold did with his Ring Master persona, trash that shit, comeback with a new and improved idea. Then we'll re discuss this.
    Morrison -
    He's got talent and never a Hulk Hogan, as much as I hate him he was HUGE. Michaels maybe and thats a huge stretch. Michaels is un duplicative. but to be this ages HBK yes he could be. He has what it takes for that but he has terrible mic skills and needs that extra spark that makes him stand out.
    Ezekiel Jackson -
    Yea F'n Right. Besides another Batista? Thats not the top of powerhouse guys, you would mean more like he could be a Brock Lesnar / Ultimate Warrior / Goldberg.
    And any big tough guy could be a Batista. Thats all I have to say about that one.
    Last Thoughts -
    No Main Eventer in WWE History can be duplicated completely. They can be the next generations version but never duplicated. Great Post though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xpacfan
    Because they loss sight of who the target audience is and it definately shows in their mediocre programming!
    They did this before when they changed into the Attitude Era. This is nothing new. This is them being honest because let's face it, Pro-Wrestling isn't even Real Wrestling.
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    Because they loss sight of who the target audience is and it definately shows in their mediocre programming!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Xpacfan
    In the same garbage pale as the word "wrestling". Don't you know the term WWE literally means nothing these days?
    Who cares? They still show wrestling so why should it matter what they call there company?
  5. Xpacfan's Avatar
    Where is the "Entertainment" in WWE?
    In the same garbage pale as the word "wrestling". Don't you know the term WWE literally means nothing these days?
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    Thank You Rassling Fan!!! Royal one NEVER EVER put Kofi Kingston and Flairs name in the same sentence, better yet don't even put them beside each other...Some of you fans need to face facts there will NEVER EVER be another and write this down so you morons get this!!.....Ric Flair, Undertaker, HHH, HBK, Randy Savage, Brett Hart, Stonecold, Rock, I mean need my list even go on? You're comparisons are like comparing S**T to gold son! Most of the guys you named will never make the HOF right that down too and stop living in fantasy land like that attitude era or the late 80's early 90's are gonna come back! as much as I wish it could unfortunately all we have is great memories and dvd's. Eventually all the greats will be gone, the only future famers i see currently are Cena, Rock, Orton, Big Show, Taker, HHH. Heres a comparison for ya wise guy! Del Rio/ Rick Martel........Kingston& R-Truth/ko ko wack ass beware!!........Bourne/ portugese Man O War ( horrible) don't remember him lookem up son!.....Ziggler??/ Jeff Jarrett on his stint in wwe! Ziggler go wrestle for dorey funks BANG in florida they get about 50 fans a show! WWE is slackin right now on talent incase you haven't noticed. I suggest vince buys out TNA and brings some talent people wanna see before they are all gone! Sting, Angle, flair for entertainment ect. Im done here you ignorant imbecile!!!
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    Kofi Kingston (will take some work but the next booker t/ ric flair if done right yes ric flair),
    Can you care to explain to me how Kofi could be the next Flair? Or how Bourne could be the next Eddie/Rey? Some of the people you think they could be the next of makes sense because of their similar styles, but a few makes no sense. Swagger as Perfect? Ziggler as Rude?
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