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  1. xJesseex's Avatar
    I really hope Kharma comes out during the Diva's match and squashes all of them.
  2. Synyzta's Avatar
    I'm not sure about the HIAC match; I mean, it doesn't make much sense for HBK to do that unless they're planning on having a triple threat match next year. I think it's more likely to be a Taker win, and then they tease something between Trips and HBK, leading to a match next year at WM. I can't see anyone beating the streak, and this way, Taker can retire 20-0, and we still have a MASSIVE main event for next year. Or, we'll get some backstage thing where we see that Trips has been attacked, and that Taker has nobody to face now. Up steps HBK, and they put on a hell of a match, where HBK doesn't quite win, due to Trips getting involved; again, setting up a match for next year.

    Cena is going heel, why else would they put the two biggest faces' of all time against each other, and what better way for Cena to get instant heat than by attacking The Rock?

    Does anyone honestly care about the Divas match other than the Divas themselves? :/

    I had a similar idea about the Show/Rhodes match, but I think it'll make more sense for Rhodes to get a clean win here, and really establish himself as a up and coming future World Champ.

    Hmm, Jericho or CM Punk? This match could go either way to be honest; if they want to continue the feud though, I'd have Punk win.
  3. Shaz11's Avatar
    Mate nice one on the The Miz/Del Rio storyline, I had a blog ready for that. But I'll post it anyway, let me know what you think! Decent predictions!
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Undertaker, Daniel Bryan, Cena will all win. I agree with the rest of yours o. Didn't really give a prediction for Cena/Rock that I saw anyway.
  5. toobeastly33's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by DK Wrestling Savior
    Good predictions. I think if Daniel Bryan wins, it will be because he entered way he wins entering 2nd.

    Also, I think Cena/Kane has to be a no-contest again. I'm thinking a vicious brawl that ends with both in the ambulance. The feud continues. good job.
    lol yeah what the heck. the feud continues? i maybe one more raw, but it wont be a no contest. No way
  6. MR Boss's Avatar
    Good blog. The only thing that has me thinking is that Big Show should of turned heel before RR or just right after it. The heel turn may seem very rushed, and very random that he is going to feud whith shaq straight away. The kane and Cena has been intresting to watch, but I feel a bit sorry for Kane, because all this build up is going to be for nothing. Anyway good blog once again, im looking forward to your next one.
  7. RatedATB's Avatar
    Good predictions, I agree and I think Y2J is going to win the championship, making for some interesting build towards Mania. Also @Dx Wrestling Savior...why the hell would the feud continue...Cena's facing Rock at Mania...the next ppv...
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