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  1. MP.Brousers Night Of Champions 2012 Predictions

    Hi guys, MP.Brouser back here with a another prediction blog here on EWN.

    (Haven't done one since Over The Limit)
    In this blog I will give you my very detailed predictions, toughts and aftermath of NOC.
    So lets get started:

    Battle Royal for a United States Championship match later in the evening

  2. MP.Brousers Over The Limit 2012 Predictions

    Hi guys, MP.Brouser here with a another prediction blog here on the EWN.
    As the title says, i'm going to try to predict Over The Limit 2012.
    So let's get started;

    Kane vs. Zack Ryder - Singles Match
    This will just be a beatdown on Zack Ryder for 80% of the match.
    Kane hits the Chokeslam for the 1..2..3
    __________________________________________________ _______________ ...
  3. MP.Brousers Wrestlemania 28 Predictions

    Hi guys, MP.Brouser here with my second prediction blog here on the EWN.
    So as the title says, i am going to predict WM 28.
    Lets get started:

    Match 1 - WWE Championship: CM Punk vs Y2J (Best In The World)

    When the Wrestlemania Pyro is over and the announcers welcomed us to the show, Justin Roberts says: 'The Following Match is for the Intercontinental Championsh..... ...
  4. 2012 Elimination Chamber Predictions,Toughts and Aftermath

    Hi guys,MP.Brouser here.
    Just wanted to share my Elimination Chamber (EC) predictions, Toughts and aftermath.
    So lets get started:

    Match 1 - SD EC: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton vs Wade Barret vs Cody Rhodes vs Big Show vs The Great Khali.

    Entrances in order:
    1. Randy Orton
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. Wade Barret
    4. The Great Khali
    5. Cody

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