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  1. TempestH's Avatar
    What they need to do is just let those guys be real midcarders and only step up into the World Title scene when they're actually needed.

    Go back to having one World Title and let the guys like Ziggler, Del Rio, Ryback, etc. have epic midcard feuds for the IC Title and step up to the WWE Title when they need to have a fresh contender.

    Stop having them randomly beating the IC or U.S. Champion and then moving on without caring.

    And if you give the midcard belts to a main event guy, let them actually make the belt look important instead of treating it like a prop or having them go off and do other things that don't revolve around the belt (i.e. Team Hell No).
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I agree and weems the other thing that WCW did very well at the time was have a reliable group of jobbers. The jobbers would regularly face the more established talents but the difference between what the WWE does now and that time is now it's ALWAYS a squash match if its jobber vs. an established guy. Back then, the more established guy would dominate but at least you would usually get a match that lasted more than a couple minutes
  3. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    Too many main eventers - what a great problem to have. To me it means they are actually doing something right. Building up all these guys properly and at a moments notice any one of these guys can step right in to a world title feud. Its perfect. Absolutley no complaints here.
  4. weems's Avatar
    If WCW would have won the war, perhaps this is how it would now be:
    World Title Guys - Cena, Punk, Big Show, Orton, Sheamus, Del Rio, Ryback
    US Title Guys - Ziggler, Kane, Henry, Bryan, Christian, Barrett, Miz, Kofi
    TV Title Guys - Ryder, Santino, Kahli, Rhodes, Sandow, Tensai, Clay
    Cruiser - Mysterio, Sin Cara, Gabriel, Bourne, Kidd, Epico, Primo
  5. weems's Avatar
    Great blog, I agree with this 100%. Unfortunately, the WWE title and WHC title are on equal playing ground. So are the IC and US title. As a result, there is no room for a true midcarder. When WCW was in its prime, it did a great job of keeping the headliners (Hogan, Sting, Goldberg, etc) as the only ones in the World title picture. Meanwhile, your guys on the fringe (DDP, Hennig, Raven) competed for the US title. Likewise, the TV title was for your mid-carders (Z Man, Pillman ) and the cruiserweight title was for not just the luchadors, but the lower card guys that were great workers/awful on the mic (juvi, ultimo draggon, malenko).
  6. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    I deff agree with the argument that is presented but i.would..change a few,names and there status overall.good blog
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    And honestly, I think this started when Foley won the world title, followed by Jericho becoming the first undisputed champion. Dont get me wrong, I was/am a big fan of those 2...
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