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  1. wallyman's Avatar
    i think matches are short bcuz if u want a good match then buy the ppv...allthought i think its ridicalous that a 2 hour show features more commercial time than actual wrestling time...they think we wanna watch a bunch of skits...i understand skits are necessary but jesus come on...keep em short and sweet
  2. Traxx_7's Avatar
    get rid of the women division-not making money, not great entertaining, Bring back ECW seperate to WWE under a new managemen team where the PG rating doesnt apply which can be used for old ECW guys and FCW Talent.
  3. JimmyLMT's Avatar
    Here's what I would do, keep in mind I'm a long time wrestling fan going back to the mid-80s. I'd book the next 6 months to achieve this wrestlemania show. I believe that good wrestling bookers have an end game in mind, they book their weekly shows to achieve an awesome end game show.

    My WrestleMania 27 card in Atlanta would be:

    WWE / World Title Unification Match
    John Cena (WWE Champ) vs. Undertaker (World Champ)
    John Cena wins unifying the titles and ending the streak and Taker's career

    I-C / US Title Unification Ladder Match
    Matt Hardy (I-C Champ) vs. Christian (US Champ)
    Matt Hardy wins unifying the titles

    Tag Team Championship Match
    New Demolition vs. Hart Dynasty
    I'd recreate the Demolition gimmick, it's easy to do cause all you need to do is put two big guys under painted masks, Hart Dynasty regains tag team titles, their second title reign

    Women's Title Match
    Michelle McCool vs. Layla
    Layla wins the Women's title dethroning her once-mentor as a face

    Mixed Tag Team Championship Match
    Cody Rhodes / Tiffany vs. Ted Dibiase / Maryse
    I'd create this title to keep more women in the spotlight. Ted Dibiase / Maryse retain the titles, Cody Rhodes turns into a more bad-ass Texan heel afterwards after Tiffany dumps him on Smackdown the week after Mania

    Losing Faction Disbands
    RAW Faction led by HHH vs. Nexxus Faction led by Bret Hart
    Ending of the match features HHH squaring off against Bret Hart with HHH scoring the pinfall win and ending this year long feud once and for all

    Man vs. Woman
    Beth Phoenix vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero
    Beth by pinfall, then squashes Vickie afterwards!

    Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre
    Drew by pinfall

    Tag Team Battle Royale featuring 10 tag teams
    WWE needs to bring back a true tag team division. This forces the writers to come up with 10 quality teams with feuds among the teams. Let's give this win to the team of Kane / Shaemus.
  4. DXsuckit's Avatar
    ok but then just like Nexus they would go up against all the greats eventually and they would lose after all there is a reason wjhy they are midcarders. they dont have a belt for stable, there is alwasy a weak link reader to be expelled and if thewy put them in stable the only way there careers would be better id if they all turn heels like nexus and nobody wants them to be heels. so putting them in a stable would end up just like nexus one person getting everything and the others being just grunts it just dont work with superstars that arent knew. it would be a fail nexus attempt. completely pointless.
  5. KellyKellysOtherHalf's Avatar
    Both sound VERY good, but when I started reading, you said about the background story, but that kinda sounds like Kofi, Christian etc would be a heel stable, then go on to say they would face the Nexus making them a face stable. Just my two cents!
  6. WoodenBulldozer's Avatar
    youre clearly a wrestling fan and clearly visit an online wrestling page so are you a bitchy, whiny, stupid online wrestling fan too?
  7. Justdawg08's Avatar
    Ok and if WWE had done this and TNA had done the Fourtune angle, people would say TNA is ripping off WWE.

    But now your proposing this idea that sounds a lot like Fourtune's angle. Some main stays in the company with bright futures feeling disrespected. Except your creating them as faces and having them fight off the Nexus invasion which basically just happened at Summerslam. They just did it with different faces like John Morrison, R-Truth.

    Your scenarios is quite honestly probably how Fourtune vs Ev2.0 is going to end. So why are us "so smart" internet wrestling fans recreating storylines now?

    Thing is.. I hate online wrestling fans.. there so stupid and bitchy and whiny. I wish they would all just shut up and watch the damn product as they are probably the downfall for it.
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