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  1. Money in the bank booking 2013

    If I were in charge of the booking for the money in the bank PPV I would capitalize on all the momentum from the last week and book a strong show to feed into Summer Slam. I think with the current roster and programs I could book a show to rival Payback and keep the WWE PPV summer Renaissance alive.

    Match #1
    U.S. Title
    Dean Ambrose vs. Antonio Cesaro
    In Philadelphia ...
  2. Super Card that Will Never Happen

    With the merger of the U.F.C. and Strike force we now have a chance to see all the great fights that we have wanted to see for years. If the world of wrestling was as open to the same possibilities we could have a card that would be for the ages and if booked right would draw more pay per view hits than any other card, boxing or otherwise. Right here I will outline the 10 match card that would change ...

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