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  1. Looking back at Money in the Bank

    I didn't want to voice my opinion directly after this happened because there was too much unknowns. We still don't know what happens at Summerslam but a lot has been built off the MITB PPV. I was there live and it was the first ever live ppv I went to.

    The journey begins with a smooth ride all the way to Mannheim road. Several locals decided to turn around from the heavy traffic. ...
  2. Why Wrestlemania was Shocking

    I tuned into wrestlemania with somewhat mixed expectations. Despite given a longer time between the Elimination Chamber PPV and Wrestlemania to build storyline, WWE really failed it. Time was needed to develop the main storyline going in between Cena, Miz, and The Rock. Most things were golden since it's a unique storyline and I'm sure no one could be certain of the way it would play out. Never ...

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