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  1. Theicon's Avatar
    Spoiler alert would be good?
  2. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I don't know all that much about Ring Ka King tbh. It's not something that interested me, I knew it existed but that's all. But I'm personally not a Khali fan, I just think his performance on Raw was the best I've seen in-ring. I agree that Khali is wasted talent if he doesn't improve his in-ring ability.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    The only reason WWE brought Khali back is Ring ka King....Here in got attn of ppl....sad thing is I missed all the I'm literally travelling all this month....

    Before Ring ka King take away the total attn from WWE..they need to do something n Jinder Mahal is least to not popular here in India..n Khali has tons of fans only due to two reasons..1. His Size 2. He destroyed Undertaker in his first appearance (Undertaker is very much popular in India...)

    Only thing I want khali to do is...improve in ring....
  4. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    As interesting as it would be, I don't want to see HBK as a special referee at 'Mania. It's a rarity that Special Referee matches are successful on that stage. I'm still very hopeful of Hell in a Cell, even though I know it won't happen lol.
  5. Mooresy29's Avatar
    Yes I totally agree with you in the 'bless you old man' pat on the shoulder, everyone seems to think that HHH was refusing to fight because he's back in charge now and it would be seen as letting personal problems 'cloud his judgment', but I saw it as HHH basically taking pity on Taker, I fully expect him to cut a promo saying there'd be no point in a rematch because this time Taker won't get up etc etc leading everyone to question whether Taker still has 'it' kinda similiar to Flair/Michaels at WM24. Hopefully HBK gets involved in a special referee type role.
  6. dres1214's Avatar
    Great Blog. IMO I feel that Ryder needs to be repackaged. His gimmick was good but I don't think it'll go far. I don't take him serious. But thats just me. Raw was good. I was hoping that Punk hitting the GTS was going to be similar to SCSA hitting the Stunner on Vinnie Mac. But it didn't feel that way.
  7. bearkg88's Avatar
    Pretty good blog bro, the only thing I disagreed with was Punk being made to look like Supercena remark. I simply loved Punks expression in the final segments of Raw, he looked like he literally wanted to kill Lauaranitus apart. The way I looked at the Johnny might get fired, then Punk attacking him, it leaves up that air of will Johnny screw Punk as a means to get and back after being attacked and possibly cost him his job, or will he go back to the Johnny from recent months with little to no spine
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