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    I would make the first match a street fight,second a first blood, and third a special ref match with Paul Heyman as it.
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    Nice blog dude. This review is spot on. I think punks heel turn was awesome, but his face turn is even bigger. His reception in Chicago and on raw was huge! This feud with Brock lesnar will elevate both and I can see punk outselling cena merch and getting bigger reactions soon.

    Can't wait for the wyatt family as well. The new influx of talent is looking really positive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grave
    I don't see axel win the title, I think the miz is the favorite, but axel won't get pinned to keep his push alive
    I do think Axel wins the IC belt. Barrett loses 90% of his matches and needs to either continue being a jobber or get a push. He cannot do either of these effectively while having the IC belt though. Axel cannot continue facing Cena, HHH and other main event guys. By putting the IC belt around his waist, he can continue his push while defeating the mid-carders. Also, I don't want to see the Miz stuck in the mid-card. I would prefer to see him back in the main event scene like he was around WM27. Unfortunately, I think WWE sees the Miz as a "catch-all" guy that can do movies, commentary, Miz TV, tag-team wrestling and singles wrestling anywhere on the card.
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    I don't see axel win the title, I think the miz is the favorite, but axel won't get pinned to keep his push alive
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    Not Winning the ic title (which he probably will) and attacking Cena on Raw next night. Perhaps a self DQ w/ HHH earlier in the show then attack Cena as show ends.
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    Nice blog, Summerslam:
    WWE title match- Cena vs Bryan vs Punk
    WHC match- Ziggler vs Christian or Orton
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    Good Review...and Smackdown this past Friday...well, Saturday for me since I watched on UHD, has put me firmly on the Daniel Bryan bandwagon. I know I'm a little late with it, as I was one of the biggest doubters. Whatever they do with him, I hope he's a face. And while he is worth more than tag titles, I can't say the same about the Weakest Link storyline because it's this storyline that has escalated him in recent weeks. His match with Ryback was seriously, "edge of your seat" stuff with goosebump moments.
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