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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    "The Winner of the match: THE MIIIZ!!" eargasm.
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    I agree. First this Rock and Cena fued needed some action and so does taker vs hhh. But to take this a step farther my big complaint this road to wm is the lack of action. It seems like everybodys yack yack yack. Even Orton this wk yackin. It feels like a little less than an hr of in ring action every week. Why do we have to watch both wrestlers ring entrance then go back to comercial.Sorry will get back on track. I do not think hbk is needed (he will be a distraction) and I never really got the woo woo thing. I do like the fact he pushed himself when wwe wouldnt. But its a crappy gimmick.
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    It depends how you look at it. Some say the attitude era started when Austin won KotR, but others claim it really started when he beat HBK at 'Mania XIV. I'm part of the latter group since it came full circle at that point. So, for me, HBK missed the Attitude era.
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    What do you mean he missed the entire attitude era. He was there for a couple of years and had great feuds with Bret Hart and Austin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLegendaryIcon
    I really hope that they toss Santino a new, more-legitimate finisher. Otherwise I don't see him holding on to that title very long.
    I agree, he can use the cobra like a signature move but not as a finisher. Id like to see him hit the cobra then use a submission move. Maybe the crippler crossface. I love that move
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sneakiness
    Considering the Royal Rumble winner is supposed to be in the main event Sheamus to me anyway is looking meh. Out of the matches announced its gotta be 4th in terms of build up and anticipation.
    I think they are building Cody and Big Show more than Sheamus/Bryan!
  7. ShaunieB's Avatar
    The thing about the whole Rock/Cena thing is it seems that the WWE don't want things to get physical till the last Raw (even though whoever comes out on top will most likely lose at WM), they should have it get personal and quick and have them brawling or something.
    Also, the contradictory nature of Cena's promos rear their head again.....Cena's gone from saying that The Rock only return to promote his movies and launch his Twitter account to saying that The Rock was waiting for a worthy which one is it?

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