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  1. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    He beat Cena with help, that's the difference. Plus beating Cena last week was part of the storyline that Cena isn't himself right now - it doesn't mean Tensai is immediately main event material (which he really isn't). If they were serious about Tensai being brought to the main event this quickly they would have put his match higher up on the night instead of using it as filler.
  2. ParagonOfVirtue's Avatar
    Losing to Tensai doesn't make R-truth "Just another jobber". FFS, he beat Super Cena last week, remember?
  3. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    I do remember that Street Fight - I enjoyed that match. The problem is I find it hard to get behind either Orton or Kane now, they're gimmicks have become predictable and boring. Even though Kane came back as a monster heel Cena quickly ruined that illusion, and he needs to put Orton out for a few months so Orton can come back as a heel circa 2009. Orton is much better as a heel and WWE seems to have lost sight of that.
  4. azure's Avatar
    U know reading this a lot of ppl have been hating on kane/orton recently, I understand this fued may bore some ppl especially how their match was at wrestlemania but does anyone remember the orton/kane streetfight main event match on SD?

    That was a match I'd call worthy of wrestlemania. They both worked together beautifully and its one of the best matches ive seen kane work in. (This is the match where kane wanted to finally get rid of his humanity but lost to orton and then Henry sidelinded him for several months)
  5. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    So that's who it was! In all honesty I hated (WW)ECW so didn't watch it, but his name is familiar now you mention it. All I remember is some crappy 'chat show' that he hosted, but I've seen so little of him that I wouldn't have noticed him in full ring gear lol. Also, SmackDown has become so dull lately that I only really watch the highlights on (the last full episode I watched was when Edge retired). So yeah, sorry for the lack of knowledge on Washington.
  6. Lucas Chapel's Avatar
    I really enjoyed RAW.
    I like Del Rio, I think if used correctly he could be really big.
    I hope the Sheamus - Bryan feud isn't done with because Bryan is really over atm and these two are capable of an awesome match if their (dark) match at Wrestlemania 27 is anything to go by.
    I'm enjoying the Punk - Jericho fued; I'm expecting an I Quit match between these two, ending with Jericho forcing Punk to drink booze or say "I Quit', resulting in Jericho winning the championship.
    The Abraham Washington return wasn't actually his return, because he was on Smackdown last week talking to Mark Henry in the background. Washington's an average wrestler, nothing too special.
    Tensai was great as expected; I'm glad to see him back.
    The "WE WANT LESNAR!" chants were a bit of a spoiler because I hadn't read the dirt sheets, but I did know he resigned on the 30th March; so kinda guessed he'd make his return sooner or later. I can't wait to see Lesnar destroy the current WWE roster! Apparently he's contracted to a minimum of 2 appearances a month.
    No Cassius Ohno and Antonio Cesero debut, I guess if they come in as a tag team there will be a few vignettes leading up to their debut. I was hoping for Xavier Woods or Seth Rollins to be at RAW too, but I guess Del Rio, Lesnar, Tensai (and Washington) all being there was suprise enough (even though most people expected them all there).
    Crowd was all over Daniel Bryan and Brodus Clay who got massive pops.
    Great RAW; I can't wait to tune into Smackdown this week!
  7. S.E. Zero's Avatar
    No mystery man.....-___- Do you honestly not know Abraham Washington of the fallen ECW and full time talent of FCW? He is a bit annoying on the mic so he would work as a heel manager for Henry if they choose to go down that road which I dont think they should since Henry has proven he has no need to be managed especially with his last managed run being led by Tony Atlas (I hate that stupid laugh of his so much) but its WWE so wtf can we expect? =/

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