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    Good Blog. I enjoyed this. And basically to reiterate what Bagg said, it's unfortunate for The Miz that Brock Lesnar is back. And its unfortunate that later on, someone else will be back. Whether we are to believe Stone Cold will be back. Or what we already know that Rock is going to be back. Miz will remain in the cellar with the rest of today's up and comers that, quite honestly, I feel are more than capable of taking the reigns of this company.
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    A good read, I really enjoy blogs like this, where the blogger isnt complaining about everything the company is doing, and more focus on one performer. That being said, a lot of what you wrote above is about what Miz did and not necessarily how people are reacting to him. He has lost a ton of steam since last year, they built and built and built and built a guy that NOBODY thought would amount to anything, annnnd then he beat John Cena at mania. Which puts him in a group with the rock, and maybe edge or something, off the top of my head for ppl who have done that. Then the ball was dropped, the likes of which ive never seen, he lost the title and nonsense ensued. Fans cant possibly get into him (or against him) like they were before, with him feuding with alex riley and teaming with Rtruth which is what followed that massive run he had. Theyve given Brock the moniker of Johnny Aces main guy, all momentum after mania....gone. on top of that there are a lot of ppl who legit hate this guy (the wrong kind of heat) and turn the channel (ive seen it with 2 of my friends alone) when he comes out. So, in all, its really too bad what has happened to him, i was buying into it and i HATED this guy for years, in the sense that i hated his persona and his wrestling was even worse, but he worked hard to get where he did. With guys like jericho, punk, cena, brock and rock hanging out at the top o the card, its going to be a tough road ahead for miz. PS: he deserved punishment for the botched dive with Truth, Truth could have easily gotten severely injured.
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    Him being punished for PPV buyrates is a mere rumor. A stupid rumor in my opinion and really don't know why people would buy into it.

    His "burying" could be just circumstantial. Ziggler hasn't been pushed despite being the most improved heel in WWE. He frequently loses and I don't see a conspiracy theory. The Heavyweight Championship reign did wonders for Henry, who also proved everyone wrong. He's not being pushed either.

    Sometimes there just isn't enough time to push everyone at the same time. I believe Miz just happens to be in the rut because of this. Give him time and he will shine once again.
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    enjoyed reading this blog...well done
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    ...Could be a face turn in the works?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ToiletBowl
    You were 11 during the invasion angle? That was post college for me. Wow...
    Yeah ... amazing to me too ... especially given the writing skills clearly displayed in this post. I am impressed with this one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ComingToCinemas
    It doesn't matter, no. My quarrel with the whole Tensai thing is that he hasn't been back for long enough to really be called a main event, and he hasn't impressed me - his heat comes from the stigma he has as Albert, hence the chorus of boos and 'Alllllllllbert' chants rather than any 'we hate Tensai' chants. That's why I class the Truth match as a job.
    The only people who are saying he's main event have just made that up in their head for their own amusement. People shouldn't take things like "what constitutes a main eventer" seriously. Just watch the show for the fun of it.

    Every match is a job, whether it's 18 seconds or 18 minutes - everyone jobs, its not a big deal.

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