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  1. tchocky360's Avatar
    It wasn't the Brazilian fans, it was the police there in attendance. They saw Jericho denigrate the Brazilian flag, which is against the law there.
    This is nothing to do with PG era, this is a simple case of WWE not wanting to offend the Brazilian Gov. on their first trip there.
    In no way can Jericho be blamed, he just did what every heel would, he was just unlucky. The suspension is effectively an enforced holiday, he's not going to get heat from it but WWE wanted to show that they apologise for the law breaking and that there was a punishment for the act.
    The police over-reacted to some showmanship, Jericho just gotta sit it out for a little while is all.

    Jericho apologised so he wouldn't be arrested.
    WWE suspended him to show regret for the incident to the government.
    It's not a big deal.
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  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I think a whole lot more down than up. Good review though.
  3. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan should beat Punk just so Bryan and Jericho can finally wrestle eachother

    Who wouldnt want to c Jericho and Bryan ? Would b like Jericho and Benoit
  4. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I wonder what the chances of Bryan coming away with the WWE title are. Seems like a way for Punk to help a long time friend and insure future matches between the two. I would love this because there's nothing I like more than Bryan coming out, pointing to the belt and saying (in this case) "WWE Champion!"
  5. sret's Avatar
    #SaveMiz! I'd totally trend that if I had twitter. Good blog as usual. Can't really complain about anything, the details are unimportant as this raw really was that bad (and it takes a lot for me to feel that way). Oh, there was one thing though; I thought Show's acting was amazing! I've never felt so strongly for him or loathed a heel so much. Here's to some good matches on OTL.
  6. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    @ xJesseex; I didn't realise I overused it to be honest. I wrote it in more of a rush than most since I had early plans the next day. I'll look out for that next week.

    @ DK Wrestling Savior; I've read a few of your blogs, and I like them. My dislike of Big Show as a champion comes from my personal view that I find his matches slow and they don't entertain me - for me he devalues titles which would be better suited to younger superstars who need a push. It is a blog based on opinion, as always, and I can respect that you want facts to support my personal dislike of his babyface character. Unfortunately I don't have any to give you, but this blog is my own personal view of Monday Night Raw. Thanks for giving it a read.
  7. Bagg's Avatar
    Now lets all sit back and buy a ppv that has Cena vs. lauranitis in the main event of a card that contains punk vs. danielson. Roh put a match of theirs on their ringside members site, which means theyve already promoted their over the limit match than WWE has.
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