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  1. LMPunker's Avatar
    not in my eyes but as it has already been said the police saw him do it its against local the guys were just doing their job and were leinientbecause he could have gone to jail it reminds of when daniel bryan got fired choked justin roberts with his tie the difference here is this incident wasnt on world wide television or pay per view and at the time daniel bryan was a nobody(in wwe's eyes) where as here chris jericho is well a living legend 1st ballot hall of famer any way my point is if it wasnt against the law the wwe wouldnt have been "forced" to suspend him and to be fair to jericho he took it better then alot of guys would have
  2. dashkatae's Avatar
    The entire suspension is to save face with the Brazilian government. Jericho broke the law and saying "I didn't know that was against the law," doesn't usually stand up as a good defense. He apologized to the fans about it so he didn't go to jail and the WWE suspended him to show that they do care about laws in other countries. It's not a big deal.
  3. ShaunieB's Avatar
    What Jericho did to the Brazilian flag IN Brazil is illegal...he broke the law and a suspension followed and, as much as I hate to lost Jericho for 30 days, I have no real issue with the way the WWE handled the situation. This incident should encourage the WWE and their wrestlers to be more mindful of the cultures and laws of the countries they are touring.
  4. HaVoC's Avatar
    I don’t think the Brazilian fans have any trouble understanding the characters of the WWE. I believe this is more a case of WWE characters not understanding the laws of some of the countries that they are performing in. It seems you are confusing storylines with reality when you compare the program between Punk and Jericho with this incident, which could have actually landed a performer in a jail cell. The WWE is right in suspending Jericho for numerous reasons, even Jericho understands that.
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Don't sweat Jericho's suspension. It's all an image thing. He isn't really in trouble, or losing pay, or anything like that. It's all about image. And while what you say is true in regards to worse offenses by WWE superstars, even Jericho himself, WWE is very much into catering to the sensitive new world we live in. They want to do their best to make every activist, sympathiser, and anyone else with any kind of agenda, happy, so they look better.
  6. VoiceOfTheSilentMajority's Avatar
    RAW was a show of three parts;

    Part 1; Big show says lots without actually saying anything new. 20 mins of the show wasted.

    Part 2; WWE 13 (the game) takes over, and all wrestling is put to one side in order for them to promote a game that will be exactly the same as last years.

    Then a brief interlude of stuff worth watching as Bryan and Punk do what they do, and they do it well.

    Part 3; Big show destroys everything he can, just very slowly. The show was running ahead of time and this led to Big Show just wandering around the ring trying to think of things to do.

    Bryan and Punk did their best to try and save the show, but unfortunately this was in vain. Thank god Ziggler is going to be getting a singles push but RAW was dull, very dull, in fact it was very very dull. On to next week when I'm sure we will be seeing Big Show again......

    (I do however give big props to the crowd who managed to stay involved throughout the show, kudos.)
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I got soooooo bored with Show's opening promo. I was hoping the crowd would start chanting "boring". Just not that interesting and went on way too long. I'm not sure why everyone on here hates Del Rio. Maybe he's doing his job just that well? I actually enjoy his in ring work and gimmick. I love me some Ricardo Rodriguez. And the most boring wrestler in the WWE is Randy Boreton. Horrible promos, boring entrance, stale in ring style. He was only interesting the 1 month he first held the title and when he used to give the RKO reports on his shoulder. Outside of that, he's fast forwarded weekly.
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