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    Do you people actually watch the matches or just follow the terrible story lines. This Raw was one of the best in a long time in terms of wrestling. Cody v Orton, cesaro v del rio, ziggler v kofi and the shield v hell no + cena were all excellent matches.
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    I agree that Raw was pretty bad this week. But the things I enjoyed about Raw this week are completely opposite of the things you mentioned in your review...such as Orton vs Rhodes and Ziggler vs Kofi. Two fantastic matches.

    I was going to add more to this comment but I think I'll save it for my next Coffee Talk.

    Good Blog.
    @ComingToCinemas - I find myself reading more and more Yes! Yes! Yes! Raw Reviews. Even more so than the painful Raw Results as I know they will be disappointing.
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    Favorite Experience at a live event: Seeing Randy Savage defeat Ric Flair at Wrestlemania 8 to become WWF champion.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Sneakiness
    Taker's entrance bar none... literally the place went cold and his prescence was unparallel
    Could you believe I went out for curly waffle fries and missed the whole fucking thing.
  6. ThomHodkinson's Avatar
    Is Wade Barrett on the SD! tour, or are WWE shafting the IC champion already?
    Plus, When oh when will Zack Ryder do "that heel turn" and finally get some respect?
  7. ComingToCinemas's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mjc8143
    So wait, the first thing you thought to do for your "once in a lifetime" experience of the taker entrance, was to whip out your iPhone and watch it through a 3inch screen?
    Oh no, I filmed it whilst I watched it live. I didn't need to be looking at my phone to know I was filming the right thing lol.
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