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  1. Nitro_99's Avatar
    I just thought of something. Hulk hogan beat Shiek in 1984. Stone Cold won the king of the ring tournament in 1996, 12 years later. Minus three from that and you get 9. 9 years later, cena beat JBL. Minus 3 again and we get to 2011. What was the biggest match? CM Punk beating Cena.....and there is your answer. We had hulk and cena who were like each other. Now we will have stone cold and punk who are like each other.....I read into things too much
  2. Bagg's Avatar
    I think, like Punk, and the SES, im better than you persona. I think think someone will make the call and let Ambrose be that crazy man character eventually, so out of this grouping hes my pick. I mean, Ziggler, IMO, is good, but without a voice doing his talking, he wont be the one. I dont think they have buried Barrett enough to put him to Swagger status yet, but hes teetering. I truly do think he has tons of talent and works hard, if they tried, Barrett could be a huge deal moving forward. Cesaro is a tough call, the guy will always kill it in the ring but it takes more than that to get to face of the company status. Seth Rollins is also very possible, he got very over in ROH for a guy that just couldnt talk, but he can do a Bret Hart type promo that could be enough to get him to an important spot. Nice blog!
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    Whoever it is, he will be physically larger than Ziggler or Punk or Daniel Bryan. Vince has always favored the bigger guys. There have been exceptions (HBK, Bret Hart). Also, mic skills definitely count more than in-ring skills. McMahan has always said he can put anyone over, so the technical skills are secondary to him. He has always liked big strong musclemen, like the Warrior and Triple H. Of the names you mentioned, Ambrose might be the one. But we really haven't seen his in ring skills yet, at least not in WWE. But maybe...
  4. The Piper's Avatar
    Ryback is the obvious choice for me, but nobody else seems to get it

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