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  1. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    For the eras you gave them, I go Jericho... For the way they left WCW, I go Eddie. I loved Jerichos temper tantrum when he beat the ring post with the chair, but Eddie had the set to walk out on live TV with his bag in hand and pour coffee on himself so Bischoff didn't have to... Reminded me of Art Barr to see him take that kind of a stand for himself and what he saw as just wrong for a business he loved with his whole heart
  2. Josh Shepard's Avatar
    Oooohh... Tough call. Both technical geniouses in their own right. I have to go with Jericho, though. I always liked him, but when he had his list of holds in WCW, he won me over for life.

  3. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I'd give the nod to Eddie Guerrero. Who would I rather entertain me? Jericho or Eddie Guerrero? I am the best in the world Chris Jericho or Lie Cheat and Steal Eddie Guerrero. Eddie Guerrero without question.
  4. Tall's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Federer91
    Jericho FTW. And he has great matches before 2008-09 before with The Rock and Shawn Michaels. Don't know why you didn't include them.
    Part of the blog is comparing them during their respective best periods, as a blog covering their whole careers would be too long. Talking about their movesets and charisma covers their careers but when I talk about matches and feuds it's best to stick to a certain timeframe so it doesn't drag on.
  5. JayDurden's Avatar
    Chris Jericho
    he is extremely underrated
  6. Federer91's Avatar
    Jericho FTW. And he has great matches before 2008-09 before with The Rock and Shawn Michaels. Don't know why you didn't include them.
  7. azure's Avatar
    Seriously I didn't have to think about this for an instant answer. Eddie Guerrero all the way. The man had it all and he could connect with the fans like no other, not even the rock or stone cold could connect with the fans like he could.

    Eddie had it all and yes he could make you love him, hate him, laugh or cry. He had something that very few wrestlers can express and show in the ring. When Eddie cheated to win, the fans ate it up and loved it. It was funny and comical as only Eddie could do.

    As for his matches, you could put Eddie in the ring with almost anyone and they would be instant classics examples being with Benoit, Edge, Angle, mysterio, rvd. All to me were classics and real old school forms of pure wrestling.

    Other then that the biggest defining difference is that between eddie and jericho. Eddie's life was all on wrestling, he never left to try anything new. It was in his blood and his passion for it never stopped. If he were around today he'd still be performing classic matches and wrestling would still be amazing and far more watchable then now

    R.I.P eddie guerrero.
    Still missed to this day
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