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  1. Kajmere's Avatar
    Leaving WWE would ultimately be the worst move in Bret's career. The only big name that was more misused than him might have been Roddy Piper, and that's a maybe. I'm sure he regrets it every day.

    As far as the screwjob, I'd say it was at least a 90% work. He couldn't have thought he was going to take the title with him to WCW. Also, why in the hell would they allow cameras backstage for that event only? When does that ever happen for Pete's sake? "Bret screwed Bret!!" The guy has one of the biggest egos in the history of this business, I was a fan, but let's be real.
  2. lewism173's Avatar
    A wonderful blog, you really know what you are talking . Not that other people don't but you brought up a lot of points , you are completely about everything, both companies need to compete against each other and need to be taking in the best talent or storylines available. I feel people avoid to see the good of TNA because all they focus on is looking for something bad to point out.
  3. kylos's Avatar
    Great Blog. It's a shame that we can't really see anyone being as big as those names. Wrestling was so different back then, it was "cool". In order to make those big names again, wrestling needs to become cool again, but there is way too much holding it back.
  4. Viperfish's Avatar
    It's never one single thing that causes the decline of anything, but I have to say that a big portion of what's going wrong is the talent. The last great come-uppins was the OVW class of 2002 that spawned guys like John Cena, Batista, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. That was TEN YEARS ago. You can name a few notable people between that time and now... a great example being CM Punk. Sheamus isn't bad, but isn't quite there yet. Daniel Bryan isn't quite there yet, though at one point he was incredibly over. Ziggler isn't quite there yet also.

    I think it also has to do with how quickly everyone with any kind of star power seemed to leave. Brock Lesnar wasn't around for a long time. Batista had a decent-sized run. Eddie Guererro and Chris Benoit died arguably in their prime. Umaga died when he was getting a pretty decent push. Trish and Lita both retired. Booker T went to TNA for awhile. Kurt Angle left for TNA. All of these people did not stick around for an exceedingly long time... some were longer than others but it seems like everyone on this list would've had at least another 5 years in the tank.

    It can also be said that creative is literally holding some people back. CM Punk became a star when he was actually allowed to go on the air and say whatever he felt like saying, and it amazes me that WWE seems to have let this go completely over their heads rather than looking at that and possibly re-assessing the scripted promo and the overall stagey-ness of their shows.
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    Until about 1997, the WWF was PG. The rise of ECW and the need for WWF to become more edgy (to compete with the nWo & WCW) led to the Attitude era and the PG-13 era. WWE wants to be more family oriented because they want to appeal to a larger base of fans than just the college kids.
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Loved the blog. What the wrestling industry needs in the emergence of a new WCW. While we hope TNA can be doesn't look all too promising.
  7. claud3's Avatar
    yes i totally agree. The era of WWE PG and the fall of ECW and WCW

    has left a cap in the hearts of many hardcore wrestling fans.. This PG era is killing the enjoyment we had and the slow excitement for wrestling will for ever go faster
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