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  1. wwe=awesome's Avatar
    undertaker might be the greatest ever. sorry sting taker wins
  2. maar13's Avatar
    Undertaker---Hands down.
  3. Los Conquistador's Avatar

    Simply the best
  4. Mattdatm's Avatar
    The Undertaker

    Goes without saying, pre-96 did more than just face big wrestlers and 96+ hbk & hart are but very small, always a beast weekly.
  5. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Better Gimmick: The Undertaker (original deadman)
    Better Draw: Sting
    Better Wrestler: The Undertaker
    Better on Promos: Sting
    Better Greatest Feud: Sting vs. Hogan/NWO
    Better Greatest Match: Undertaker (don't even ask which one)

    The Undertaker excels in the more important aspects so I have to go with him. If you would have asked me in 2000 my answer would have been without a doubt Sting but the WWE have promoted the crap out of the Wrestlemania streak (something that used to be a somewhat casual thing they would mention) and Taker has delivered some amazing matches. I love Sting but my pick is....

  6. Sony's Avatar
    Never understand why fans call WCW "the minor leagues"! WCW was not the minor leagues. No "pro" would leave the "major leagues" to join "the minor leagues". WCW was not on par with WCW, but it was never far off. WCW was a legitimate brand, with a world heavyweight championship title that was regarded higher than WWF'S championship title. I would even go as far as stating that in many ways, WCW had the the better wrestling matches throughout its history!

    BTW....Sting gets my Vote over Taker by a hair. Carried a company on his shoulders, huge fan favorite, a money draw, and charisma.

    During his early years...Taker was more a product of mystique/gimmick. He never had a great match to speak of back than. WWF'S hype machine behind a wrestler also elevates a wrestler to a new Takers case, it was warranted.
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  7. the great Steef's Avatar
    Undertaker all day long
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