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  1. Sage's Avatar
    I vote angle
  2. Darkside Ron Garvin's Avatar
    As much of a Hart mark that I was growing up, and as AWESOME as his matches are still to this day, I am going with Angle... The man won a Gold Medal with a broken frickin neck! Seriously, how can Hart top that?
  3. hankamania83's Avatar
    I dont think people realize how gifted Bret was in the Ring, he is considered one of the all time greats, but I still feel he is underrated. He is a guy who truly mastered "The Art" of Pro-Wrestling. There are a lot of guys who can't argue with the fact that their best match was with Bret. {or at least top 3 matches }
    Angle to me is one of the all time greats as well, he is a guy with a legit background, and surprisingly he seemed to be made for Pro-Wrestling just like Bret was. He is one guy who I feel could have Wrestled in any era of Wrestling, and still be at the top. {maybe even more so in the older days, than in the Attitude era}
    Angle has more to offer than Bret, but Bret is defiantly the more 'skilled' out of the two. To me, what it boils down to is the fact that when Bret Wrestled it meant something more, than when Angle has. Bret achieved his greatness in a time when it meant more to the business, to be at the top, Bret had the more storied career, and he spent Year's of success on each level of the show. {under-card, tag-team division, mid-card, main-event}

    Angle vs Hart would be my number one dream match, and the Winner is who I feel is the better of the two.............
    Bret "the Hitman" Hart
  4. jai's Avatar
    Angle, although TNA has not been so great for him
  5. BackYardWrestler's Avatar
    Angle never won a Rumble, but anyway...

    My vote goes to Angle
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    HandsDown STING!!! (man just taking on UT's fans...I actually respect both of them..)

    I like STing for 1 main reason....he's a bigger draw than Undertaker!!

    UT throughout his career until recent never was a big draw..he had to be in the shadow of Hogan/Bret/HBK/SCSA/Rock/HHH...

    only after all the gr8 ones left...he got importance...

    While Sting was always most talked abt superstar in matter hogan/Flair/NWO...STING was the biggest superstar of WCW...

    I also respect his decision of not joining WWE...esp after seeing how they treated Booker through out his career in WWE....
  7. aarond340's Avatar
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