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  1. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    B1ak - Look at question 1 again, ther clearly stands WWE/ WH Title
  2. knox's Avatar
    so what he made a few minor mistakes...this was still an awesome blog
  3. b1ak's Avatar
    timfeyenoord- Booker T was never WWE Champion, he was World Heavyweight Champion.

    Slobernocker- I agree the US title should be included, so you can include people the likes of the Miz and Shaemus.

    And the actual answer to Question 5- Elimination Chamber 2011, when the Miz faced Jerry Lawler for the WWE Title, and a surprisingly good match, considering it was a Lawler match. Easily forgotten, but it has happened in the last 6 months, believe it or not. I still see the point of it question, though.
  4. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    Question 3 is biased. If you're going to include the WH Championship with the WWE Championship, you need to include the US Championship in the IC category as that is the belt the Raw brand uses for its mid-card title. The way your question stands makes no sense, of course there aren't that many guys have held a world title (primo-spot) as well as been relegated to holding the mid-card title on a lesser brand (better to be a main face on FCW). Just sayin...
    Other than that, very intuitive!
  5. timfeyenoord's Avatar
    Question 1 is King Booker somewhere in 2006

    And 5 is EC this year
  6. MrNolan's Avatar
    Well, WWE has fed us a healthy diet of Cena/Orton in a way that we did not notice. Kinda like slipping vegetables in the spaghetti sauce. Me likey!
  7. Blinker's Avatar
    I think question 5 is the saddest one. It's funny because we always say that it's just between those guys, but then you actually see that it has been just between those guys for 2 and a half years. YOWZA! I have nothing against either of them, but they should really take a break from the title scene.
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