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  1. cymru96123's Avatar
    The Wild Thornberries <3

    Great blog, makes good points and it isn't all serious. I'm also saying Germany to win.
  2. B-ri's Avatar
    Good blog man! Agree fully with your point on CM Punk and it's nice to see another blogger from the UK!

    PS I reckon Germany will win it by a mile, I hope England & ROI do well, since we aren't there.
  3. PhEonYx's Avatar
    LMFAO!!!!!!!.....'nuff said... The Giroux thing was priceless... Haven't read a blog that made me LAUGH so f*cking much in a LONG ASS time!!!... Keep em' coming man....
  4. Wrestlinfan608's Avatar
    yeah I agree
  5. HeartlessAttack's Avatar
    Good blog, though I'd disagree with some of your odds.
  6. URATOOL's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One
    What are the odds that Dolph Ziggler will jump someone in the Raw MITB match and take their spot? Vickie has the power to do that, as we've seen in past years.
    You do know she's no longer a "consultant" don't you Russell? So her using her (fake) powers to get DZ in the match wouldn't fly these dyas.
  7. Slobernocker_30's Avatar
    With the current trend of CM Punk heading into oblivion after MITB, I'd say there's at least a remote chance we might, just might, get to see a controversial ending. I would absolutely love to see Punk shoot a victory over Cena and have VKM come charging out of the back in a complete meltdown. Actually, if Punk signed a contract secretly, that would make for a GREAT worked shoot and people's faces would melt off Monday night when he came out with the title...Maybe have a contract signed without VKM's "knowledge" by a guy like HHH, VKM fires Cena in the ring post-match at MITB after Punk walks out with the title not realizing Punk will be back the following Night. Would be a great way to usher back HHH too, and I'm sure he'll return for SS. We'll see I guess!
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