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Daffy Duck's Finest

  1. The Musings of a Duck. Episode 2: Eat. Pray. Push?

    With the fine month of May finally drawing to it's conclusion, I felt I part deux of my 'Musings of a Duck' was needed.

    For those who haven't read my previous blog, this is where I look at what's been on my mind recently, both wrestling and non-wrestling wise. So let's do this!

    1. Silly Superstars
    This past week has been dominated by the ill-doings of Chris Jericho ...
  2. The Musings of a Duck. Episode 1: A New Hope?

    To celebrate my one year anniversary of being a proud EWN member, I have decided to rekindle my blogging enthusiasm. This will take the form of numbered points of view, with some related to Wrestling, and some that won't.

    So here what has been on my mind recently:

    1. WWE Payroll, Here Comes the Pain
    The talk of the EWN town this week seems to be one man: Brock Lesnar ...

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  3. The Odds of Money in The Bank

    Hey guys, for the past week I have been reading about who everyone thinks will win at MITB, and that's fair enough. However, for my latest blog I have tried to set the odds for each match. I hope I get close to what you think the odds should be!

    My odds are in the brackets. If you do not understand how the system works, if the odds are 3/1 and you placed a $1 bet, you would win back ...
  4. WWE Quiz to Prove a Point

    When it comes to the state of the WWE, everyone has their opinions as to what's wrong with it's product today.
    As for my views on the matter you can read my previous blogs. However, for this one, I have decided to give you peeps a quiz to illustrate some of the key problems. Give them a go and see how many you can get right!

    1. Who, and when, was the last superstar to ...

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  5. WWE: 2002 Style Draft to Move Forward

    In my previous blog, I discussed how brand- specific PPVs could be the way forward -

    After thinking long and hard about another old school way in which WWE could enliven their 'Universe', I came back to what they did in 2002 with the Brand Extension draft. At that ...

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  6. Brand Specific PPV Could be the Way Forward

    Whilst browsing the EWN forums, it seems the majority of people feel as if there are too many PPVs per annum for the WWE to be fresh and compelling. However, I believe there can be a counter-argument to those claims that could keep these events being entertaining.

    Although at the time, I for one was against this idea. Nowadays, the idea of having single-branded PPVs (apart from obvious ...

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