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  1. Punk plus SD! taping

    I wrote this sometime last week and forgot to post it. Thanks for taking a read. All input is welcome.

    Just returned home from Phoenix. Me and my seven year old daughter attended the SD!, NXT, and Superstars taping. Along with going to the show we also attended a Randy Orton signing at a local Cricket Wireless Store. I ...
  2. The Good Old Days of Wrestling

    First off let me tell you all that I have been a Pro Wrestling fan for over 20 years. I still remember sitting on some kind of toy car, at my Dad's friends house, flipping out when The Ultimate Warrior came running out to the ring. I remember how excited I was when my dad would just drive by the Wild Somoans' Wrestling School in Allentown, Pa on our way somewhere. I would push my face to the window ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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