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  1. The D's Avatar
    Great review but i cant really see how you can say it was a great show, going by your own ratings the average mark out of 5 for a match was 2.5. I hope you guys get to see TNA soon then you will see a proper show.
  2. Rated_R(ob)KO's Avatar
    Glad you got your blog up man! I fully appreciate you giving us a rundown of the Sydney show. Sounds completely awesome and I honestly wish they'd do something like that for us in the States when they do house shows. Glad you had a good go of it!
  3. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    Nice, looks like you got your money's worth..
  4. SaiGoNDraGoN's Avatar
    I hope Sin Cara realizes that he has the skill level to do better; if anyone that wants to talk trash about him, just google Mistico in Japan so you can see his matches and what he can do. They pump him up too much too soon; if you think about it, Rey Mysterio jr had to go to to WCW with other luchadores before he made it all the way to WWE. Mistico AKA Sin Cara was brought right up to the big leagues and there is no other wrestler that understand the style other than Rey and WWE will save pairing them together for quite a while. WWE should have thought of Sin Cara's Rivals before bringing him to TV. Mistico does look overwhelmed looking at the crowd instead of living the moment; he has to understand he is the new guy and in a country where they are only exposed to this style of pro wrestling, his style is unknown (other than Rey's moves) Mistico needs to gain people's respect by actually wrestling and doing his moves, selling and stop relying on the boost that WWE is giving him. Hopefully soon another wrestler will acomodate his style to see him do the awesome stuff we are used to see Sin Cara do as Mistico.
  5. MitchSpade's Avatar
    Well i would agree with the rest as far as Sin Cara does look like he's very timid in the ring when it comes time to actually start doing a move he looks like he's slowing things down too much to that he's taking the WOW out of the moves he's doing. Look at the arm whip headscissors take down he did on the miz and alex riley, eddie guerrero used to do the same move and every time he did it, it was almost perfect when sin cara did it he went so slow to the top rope and so slow to leave the top rope it took the wow factor away from the move. He's scaring himself too much into believe he's gonna screw up that he's not going for it 100% and as far as saying he talks to much in the ring, if you listen he's not really talking he's just grunting and making alot of noise he's a very vocal wrestle too be fair he's not talking to them because he cant speak english but i would agree with everyone else I was super excited he is in the WWE loved him as Mistico will continue to watch raw becasue of him but hopefully he'll open up and say the hell with it im gonna leave it all in the ring instead of worrying about the big guys saying hey you screwed up.
  6. buzzkillington's Avatar
    Every time I've seen Sin Cara, I feel like he's scared shitless because he has so many eyes on him. I think that he just needs to get used to working in front of WWE sized crowds. They need to let him work the undercard for a little while, maybe bring up Alex Kozlov to work with him for a bit, before putting him in any more matches with Cena.
  7. Lowki's Avatar
    It's not just him botching is other people. The WWE roster is used to working at a much slower pace than Lucha's are normally used too. They have both got to be given time to settle to each other. It's like asking a sprinter to run 200 metres then bitch because after a month of training he isn't winning all the time. The turnbuckle incident with primo was primos fault to begin with. Against the Miz and Riley when he did the headscissors/armdrag combo he had to wait for Riley to get up and turn around. Miz launches him onto the apron and again, has to wait for the miz to move from the turnbuckle. The sin cara haters are as bad as the people hyping him up. Give the guy some time to settle in, he's only signed within the past few months and whilst he was wrestler of the year IN MEXICO, this is not mexico. This is a lot slower and he may be like a young rey mysterio, but even Rey Mysterio would have been wrestling a similar style as he does now in the WWE.
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