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  1. jonod's Avatar
    seems like everyone else is excited about it Theiconsting. I am and I've been watching since I was 5 (in 1992), but then I'm also English :P

    Good blog willotron, I dipped out last summer too, and I only caught the end of the nexus thing. I cant wait for the MITB main event!
  2. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Lol dont wet yourself now Punk had one good promo its not gonna make me or many of the real old school fans to buy the ppv ?
  3. TheVipersCenation's Avatar
    Hopefully we'll get to see some of Cena's good moves et in this match.. I mean he's a GREAT wrestler.. he only get's to show like 5 moves though. No doubt Punk will rock too.
  4. The_Awesome_One's Avatar
    Personaly I still see more potential in Ted Dibiase jr than Cody
  5. WilloTron 5000's Avatar
    Sorry everybody if it appears as if i went off topic. Makes the blog look a bit random. My actual blog title included Sin Cara and something about 'Extreme' as well as Cody Rhodes. However e-restling chopped it off. Sorry again
  6. URATOOL's Avatar
    Rhodes is ok. That's all. He's a mid carder and that's all he'll ever be. I'm not even sure he'd have made it onto the main roster if it wasn't for his dad and half brother. He just doesn't stand out for me. Oh and that lisp just makes every promo sound like he's delivering it after being punched several times in the mouth. I can see why they have put TDB junior with him. Ted is again only on the roster cause of daddy, but with his inability to talk he makes Rhodes look the more interesting of the two.

    Oh and Cody. You should have gone for a dark face guard. We can all see through it and see you look exactly the same as you did before your (fake) facial injury.
  7. knox's Avatar
    awesome blog, i for one loved how you went off topic. Between Kofi, Dolph, Morrison and Rhodes...Rhodes would be the ultimate World Champion. When I look at Rhodes I see heel Cm Punk, Rick Rude and a hint of Raven.

    I think Cody is the full package, hreat blog my friend
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