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  1. Oh My Blog: MITB & Has Punk delivered another summer of excitement?

    Hi all. Time for another blog! And i believe i'm writing at a time where blogs are flying in thick and fast, for obvious wrestling related reasons.

    Well Money in the Bank is only a couple of week's away and in my estimation it is one of WWE's best PPV's. I know parts's of the wrestling community are not fan's of the 'themed ppv's' such as MITB, Fatal 4 Way and Hell in a Cell but i ...
  2. And I Quote: All Rhodes lead to Greatness

    This is my first blog in a long time so it's a case of shaking off the ring rust haha. It's not included in the title of the blog but i'd just like to say how disappointed i am to hear about the release of Chavo Guerrero. Chavo requested the release and with good reason, unbelievably under-utilized and in my opinion joins the list of 'most underrated wrestlers' along with others including William ...

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  3. And I Quote: Does age matter?

    After a 7/10 Over the Limit in which Randy Orton vs Christian undoubtedly stole the show it now begins the countdown to Capitol Punishment. Capitol Punishment which is set to be held in Washington DC could be a perfect platform for the return of the animal Batista. Although short notice, there have been rumours of Big Dave's return due to the lack of main event talent now available on Raw.
  4. And I Quote: Hart, Hayes, Sacrifice, Over the Limit + more

    I'd like to start this week's blog by following in the actions of many wrestling fans across the world and just say what sad news the death of 'Macho Man' Randy Savage was. It came completely out of the blue and best wishes have to go to his family and friends. I'm not old enough to remember Savage's era but i've seen a few of his matches, particularly the famous Wrestlemania 3 bout between the 'Macho ...
  5. Smack"Let"Down, Top Heel, and P.S Your a Racist

    I think that this week WWE has seen one of it's weakest weeks of TV in a while in my opinion. And from what i've heard, TNA had a strong week with a decent rating.

    Of course just like any blog it is a mixture of fact and opinion. Therefore just like that mix i think there will be a mixed response to this blog. I believe this because in my humbled opinion Smackdown has been a hell of ...

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  6. And I Quote 'Turn the lights out'- Christians, Sin Cara & More!

    Quite a newsworthy week in 'the E' this week which has gone from seeing many of us rejoice at the sight of Christian becoming World Champion to us witnessing his pain after realising that he'd lost the title to Orton on Smackdown.

    I'll start off though by talking about Sin Cara. This new Mexican superstar seems to be a topic of much debate. The debate surrounding; his prospects, his ...

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  7. And I Quote - Extreme-ish Rules and Rock Solid

    I'd like to start this week's blog by addressing something that i 'blogged' last week. I stated that Booker T's accent sounded like he was from Holland, i genuinely believed that he sounded Dutch. However after being told off by a Dutchman as well as being told that it's a 'South Houston' accent. So i suppose i retract that statement, even though i think he still sounds a wee bit Dutch.

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  8. And I quote: Feud for thought, Booker double dutch and 'it's getting a bit drafty'.

    Well for anybody that read my blog last week, i was kind of right with what i said about Edge being back. Not that i expect regular readers of what pops into my head haha. But Edge was back on Smackdown on fine form for his 'retirement party' and looked pleased for Edge. However i also saw something else in Edge's eyes when he was stood at the top of the ramp watching Christian grab that title down ...
  9. And I Quote - Farewell Edge,Truth hurts and Rotten Corre?

    Well folks this week in WWE was one which certainly took me by suprise. And not for all the right reasons. I come back from holiday clueless as to what awaited me once i logged onto my computer. Edge, the rated R superstar had announced his retirement. I was genuinely shocked, like many fans were as i've gathered over this last week. A superstar who i'd grown up watching, every week since 1999 when ...
  10. WM27: I quote 'The Grandest mixed reaction of them all'

    Well the 28th annual Wrestlemania has been and gone and not without a mixed reaction. But i think we all knew that it would get a mixed reaction because the fact is you "you can please some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time"

    I have to admit that my own reaction is mixed for a couple of ...

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