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  1. A Review: Money in the Bank

    I was half expecting when I looked on Ewrestling to find many blogs praising the Money In The Bank PPV. Instead I find the same old nonsense from people who think they are smarter bookers than the people in charge and how they want the WWE to go back to a sleazy, smutty, bad taste product that was all the rage in ninety-nine. Well, let this dumb ol’ mark be the first to say, THAT WAS THE GREATEST ...

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  2. March 27th 2011, Jonny 3:16

    Now, a few weeks ago if I wrote this I would probably say this has been the best build up for a Wrestlemania I can remember. Unfortunately it has tailed off since. Maybe I'm nit picking as WWE has been on top of it's game for quite some time. The highlight that sticks in my mind recently is the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match a few months back, which is a contender for Match of the Year. Well ...
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