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  1. belleza's Avatar
    We are NOT in a high point right now for Divas. I mean, the Divas of Doom have the potential to be awesome, but let's not get ahead of ourselves and say they are the best thing to ever happen. Personally, I think one of these reasons that the Divas are not very ...successful.. lately is because of a lack of passion. How many are hired straight from modeling agencies, etc? Not saying that this is always a bad thing, as they can develop real passion, but the spectators would be more invested in a match that featured excellent females wrestlers showing what they have, with real passion, rather than ex-bikini models bouncing around nonstop. Progress has been made though, hopefully this continues.
  2. jrh1957's Avatar
    I agree with you Glamour Girl. TNA Knockouts are wrestlers. Good looking is just a bonus. Most of the WWE Divas look fake when they try to wrestle. The few that are good will get tired of the crap WWE does and head to TNA where they can show they are talented.
  3. Los Conquistador's Avatar
    I suppose wwe deserve some credit for having them wrestle as opposed to when they made legit divas do bra and panties or lingerie pillow fights
  4. Allison's Avatar
    The term "trailblazer Michelle McCool" made me LOL.
  5. Fan4Now's Avatar
    IDK what this is but (Coming from a huge WWE Fan) The K.O.s are better wrestlers than 97# of the divas with Bweth & Nattie being better than some K.O.s at wrestling & the K.O.s seem to me to be better than most if not all current divas on the mic. Oh of course the divas 40 out of 52 weeks of the year have 14 diva tag matches with usually no storylines & WWE does put looks above talent. They didn't sign ODB b/c she wasn't pretty enough. I guess Kharma's a beast that's why she's there but look at the current Diva's champ she botches most moves the worse being the Lou Thesz Press & actually punches their hair & not their head. I know no one really hits them but you can tell she's a foot from the head & wow she knows some flips & a stinkface! Big deal The K.O.s have Mickie James who was WWE's biggest diva of her time after Trish & Lita left & since Trish & Lita aren't wrestling now I'd say Mickie's the biggest/most popular woman wrestler today. If she went back to WWE she'd still get louder pops from the crowd than K2 Eve Beth Nattie any of them. WWE just lost Melina & Gail (who will go to TNA) so another + & TNA has Tara/Victoria. One of the best veterans around & can still wrestle just like Mickie. K2 is John Cena with T&A & nothing more!
  6. Chavo.G's Avatar
    Jonny316 I totally agree with you and how typical, you get attacked by a bunch of 'know it alls' that just whine and complain for any little thing about wrestling. The divas division is credible, it is better than a few months back and it ain't as bad as people make it out to be. The TNA Knockouts are just overrated, I'm sure you will agree with me as most people can't think out of the box. They just hear that the Knockout division is great, so next time they watch it, they already have it planted in their heads that it is going to be a good match without coming to the realisation that it to is also shite at times. Great blog jonny316.
  7. Bane of Balin's Avatar

    Antagonism against people you wanted to read this blog isnt a good thing. There is no need to say "This is my opinion and if you disagree you are wrong." That's just not conducive to this situation.

    While the Divas matches and division is starting to get better (thanks Goldust) they are far from being a "hot" division. I'm glad Beth and Nattie are starting together pushes, but it takes two to tango. K2 (IMO) is nowhere near the level of Trisha and Lita, but she is definitely improving so props to her.

    The Knockouts, compared to the Divas, have more depth. While I think Beth and Nattie are two of the best today, TNA's Knockouts are far more consistently better than Eve, The Bellas, etc.

    Calm down, King. You'll get to see puppies eventually.
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