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  1. angel4hire's Avatar
    There is one, though new to WWE, I would like to see receive a push and that is Kaval. Some of his moves bring excitement that has not been around for awhile, plus he's not too bad on the mic.
  2. Hannah's Avatar
    I love Evan Bourne, BUT! I don't see him as WWE/World Heavy Weight Championship material, anything else, yes. The WWE just needs to develop his character more.
  3. wrestlinggrl77's Avatar
    I agree with you Qwerty and definitely MVP should be added to this list. Evan Bourne needs a few more years to develop.
  4. qwerty704's Avatar
    instead of edge i would say christian, edge has had it 9 times and christian 0
    i thought the point of the ladder match between E&C & the Hardy's was to let the world know that they are all future world champs not just 1 out of each
  5. cato79's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by VKM
    Where's MVP?
    In his way out of the company, following Matt Hardy's footsteps... He has started complaining for everything on twitter... Expect MVP's Youtube channel soon and the posting of a "Masked Alberto del Rio" on it...

  6. SaberToothTigerz's Avatar
    Agree with all of your choices.
    All of these guys would do amazingly well in the wwe if they had their decent pushes
    However untill the old farts dont get out yes i mean kane undertaker and HHH these new superstars wont get their opportunity.
  7. VKM's Avatar
    Where's MVP?
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