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  1. My WWE WM29 realistic Card.

    Hey everyone this is Kingcobra82390 at your service. And I know there has been a lot of these right now. But I just wanted to give my opioion and most realistic card that I can so here goes.

    WWE Championship
    The Rock(C) vs John Cena.- Rock beats Punk at the Rumble Rumble and Cena wins Royal Rumble and challenges The Rock at WM29.
    Winner- NEW WWE Champion John Cena. ...
  2. Kofi Kingston and Tyler Reks!!

    Hey everyone. This is the Kingcobra coming back at ya!! Well my last blog was in 2010 but I'm gonna be blogging regulrly form this point forward! So hoping this blog is good. I have been watching WWE week by week month by month and year by year and I have been waiting for a Kofi Kingston heel turn or a major championship push or a Tyler Reks big push and to be honest I have ben truly upset. These ...
  3. Top 5 Superstars who Deserves a Title Push

    For my Raw brand my top 5 choices are based on my opion.
    1. John Morrison- He's in-ring ability is just amaing. Need a little more work on mic skills but other then that he is amaing.
    2.CM Punk- Should become WWE Champion soon. Amaing athlete.
    3. The Miz- Not BIG fan of this man but he is a good wrestler. He has the mic skills and the in ring ability. Going to cash in Money In ...

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