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  1. Heath_Decka's Avatar
    While what you said is pretty obvious, it all comes down to a concern of: can the WWE recover?

    From their current actions, my answer is no, mainly because of their cookie-cutter talent promotion. The WWE now isn't much into bringing in wrestling's best, they want to home-grow their own "best". Daniel Bryan and CM Punk are exceptions to the rule, but get used to seeing guys who you've never seen outside of a WWE ring, and therefore, guys who you question whether or not they truly deserve to be there at all.

    There is no WCW anymore, a brand that CANNOT be ignored. TNA? That CAN be ignored, and will be. The WWE is the fascist state of wrestling, the ultimate authoritarian. They think they know what's best for the entire wresting world. The problem with a market monopoly is that the product ALWAYS recedes, and that's what you're seeing. There is no "Oh Crap, WCW put up X so we have to top it"... Instead, it's "We will do X, and the people WILL like it". And many people do "like" it, but it's not MUST-SEE like it used to be.
  2. Halfbaht's Avatar
    agree with most of this, except for holly. bob holly? wwe or wh champ? are you serious bro!?! in all honesty, i think holly was fortunate enough to have been employed by the wwe for as long as he was. for me, personally, he became irrelevant as soon as the attitude era ended and lets be honest, he wasnt that relevant before hand. his time as spark plug bob holly was the peak of his career.
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    People had the same concerns about wrestling before the attitude era my friend. Wrestling has always had up & down periods. Althoigh you raise a valid point about Cena, Punk & the current crop of young talent being forced down our throats every week. People are sick of Cena(& its not his fault), Punk may be WWE Champion but he isnt big enough to carry Wrestlemania by himself. But then again no one ever has, if the card was put together the right way the whole show would flow to the climax. The ball was dropped on far to many wrestlers to even begin to list. I miss Eddie & Chris too Bro!
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    Gud Blog!! Whether Taker wins or loses....we will not see him again on TV...HBK/SCSA/Bret/Foley/Edge and many more r retired....Kurt left WWE along with few more...what we have now in the roster are Y2J, Rey, Xtian, Show and Kane ( I mt have missed few) from the yester year era....n again..Rey / Xtian are having injuries every now n then...Y2J is not in that past touch...Probably Kane is the only Vet who can still compete week in week out with almost same audacity.. SO it is the end of an era...

    What is worrying more is...In the current gen...ppl got bored of Cena..RKO is getting hurt every who has to take it forward?? Punk/DB/ZIggler/Sheamus/Rhodes...n except for one has proven big time in WWE yet!!!

    So, a lot of responsibility is on WWE (probably HHH).....Tough Times for WWE...

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