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  1. WWE: The End of an Era

    Hi all I had these thoughts on my mind all day since I re-watched this morning and I've been thinking about Triple H said to Shawn Michael on raw, which of course was some pretty powerful stuff, scripted or not it hit home for me and I thought I'd share what I've been mooching over in my head.

    Triple H mentioned about it being an end of an era, with himself, Shawn and the undertaker being ...

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  2. road to wrestlemania thoughts

    To be honest im personally glad jericho didnt win the royal rumble. The last couple of years it's been wrestlers who are main event material who have been out sidelined, injured for months and suddenly comeback and win the RR like they instantly deserve it, i.e Edge/cena when ppl have been busting their asses in the ring for the opportunity to main event wrestlemania.

    Now don't get the ...

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