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    Hey it's funny that people are debating this match; seriously the thought of this match bores me to the very core, but then i can't say I've ever really been a fan of either guy. Thing is; I don't understand the Undertaker's longevity; i find him boring and always have done. I respect the fact that he is a good worker; especially for his size, but sorry he just bores me. On top of this; if HHH does win(which he won't), but if he did then it would be an absolute disgrace, because in his whole career I cannot recall him putting anyone over to make them a star, he only ever loses to already established guys. Mark you owe it to the industry to lose your streak before you retire and not to lose it to the likes of HHH, but to lose it to someone you could make a star; it would almost set a guy's career for life. I am not saying you owe it because some other guy deserves it, but this industry is in dire need of new stars, and you and others like HHH have made insane amounts of money out of this business; so give a little back, please for the sake of not only the business but for the fans all over the world.
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    Gimmicks are not dead, but with the removal of official kayfabe, the more outrageous and two-dimensional gimmicks died out.

    But Santino is not Italian, Kozlov is not Russian, Cena is not Superman, Orton is not borderline psychotic, del Rio does not hail from Spanish Royalty, neither does he own 150 super cars and diBiase certainly does not controll a multimillion Trustfund. Swagger is probably not as intensely patriotic, Maryse as ruthlessly golddigging or Rhodes as narcissistic as they are portrayed either.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaston80
    I just hope Taker doesnt lose at this years WM, this has been such a half hearted attempt at creating a match for Taker and Triple H and it doesnt feel credible. Sure Triple H is a main player and a real threat to the streak but it just doesnt have that feel like you are worried or excited that the streak may end like the feeling has been for the past several years.
    you are completely right.... the only reason i ordered last years wrestlemania is because of the shawn michaels vs. undertaker. I had that worried/excited feeling quite a few times.

    there aren't many more gimmicks in wwe but if you look at tna you will find....
    sting(tna's undertaker),aj styles(the phenomenal one), Jeff Hardy(the dark, twisted, enigma), James Storm (the country drunk), Eric Young(the village idiot), The Hoe-again/Bichoff Regime(NWO) (Deja Vu All-Over-Again), Robert Roode(Tna's Million Dollar Man), Abyss(The Monster...Tna's Kane), Rob Van Dam(The Whole F'n Show), Jay Lethal(Tna's Wanna-Be Randy salvage). thats almost half of tnas roster that has a gimmick. WWE has killed gimmicks while tna is recreating them
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    I think I understand the last of an era...Undertaker is just one of those guys that has endured through Hogan's era, Hart's/Michaels era, Austin/Rock's era and even through the pg era of Cena and now we seem to be witnessing his last year in the WWE. I mean its such an overwhelming feeling to know by this time next year we will be witnessing the Undertakers last match. And the fact this is overshadowing Triple H's subsequent retirement is a testament to what The Undertaker is to wrestling.
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    Great Blog! Although there are a few gimmick wrestlers left in the WWE such as Kane, Goldust, etc...It's pretty safe to say that none of them have gained the fan base and popularity that the Undertaker has over the years. I agree that "The Last Outlaw" does not do the Undertaker gimmick justice.
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    Many of you missed the point of this blog or are just arguing for the sake of it. it's not really about gimmicks and who is or isnt a gimmick wrestler. Its about The Taker dominating for 2 decades without ever once ever being anything less than main event level. Its un heard of, un fathumable in such a physically demanding businesss. Only guys like HBK and Ric Flair have been able to compete on a main event level for 15-20 years.

    The taker in character and in man have been un dying. the one constant, the concience of the wwe. It is sad to see the dead man at the end of his run but wow what a run. The legacy of the awesome undertaker.
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    I remember back when Taker was still doing Halloween specials and hosting movie marathons. I was just a kid, and I ate that stuff up. I can honestly say that Taker is one of the main reasons I've been a life long fan and I personally hate the new theme. It's not about the music, or the T-shirt, or anything else but the simple fact that it represents an all to true reality. That one of the best ever is running out of time, and that's something that the kid in me just isn't quite ready to let go of yet :/
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