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  1. WWE: A Better Booking for the Undisputed Championship

    Note: This booking starts off replacing the Raw episode before the Elimination Chamber.

    Raw starts out tonight with a lot of hype surrounding HBK's return. In the mix of all that excitement is the continued building fued of CM Punk vs Chris Jericho. The show starts off with John Laurinaitis coming out cutting his usual style of promos regarding still being the interm(is it still ...

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  2. The Crap of WWE

    Since I saw the two articles of "The Joy of TNA" and "The Joy of WWE" I figured let me point out the negatives instead of the positives. I will start will WWE, and I'll make a TNA one later on.

    No Prestige For Any Titles

    The WWE title and the WHC have just become an accesory at this point. Edge being an 11 time champion in like 5 years really doesn't ...
  3. Past Week in Wrestling Review #2

    Monday Night Raw

    Overall I would say it was a better than usual show, but it wasn't without it's flaws. Starting out with the good is just about every promo on this show was pretty entertaining. I had no real gripes on any of the promo segments on this show, and I also thought HBK did an excellent job(via titantron) on pushing this fued with Taker and HHH. Taker himself did pretty well, ...
  4. Review of past week in wrestling #1

    Monday Night Raw

    This past week on Raw was promo night apparently. Some were good some were ok. The Rock's promo was great, but didn't have the same impact as his first. I thought The miz cut a good promo as usual, and that's it for the good stuff.
    I personally am not into this HHH VS Taker fued. In fact on paper it looks good, but so far the storyline itself is lackluster. ...

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