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  1. They Earned it! The Rock Earned it!

    I have read this statement over and over again...a garbage statement from the IWC that really bothers me. "The Rock winning the WWE title would ruin the prestige of the championship." I have read that statement over and over in multiple different ways. And all I can think is, the IWC has really forgotten the superstars, and specifically The Rock that made the WWE title prestigious in the ...
  2. The Great One: The Rocks top 10 matches all time!

    Ok, I havent done a single blog in fact its been so long I really cant remember the last one I did and yet in the span of an hour I am about to do my second blog haha!

    However it should be no surprise that I am a Rock fan. I will even accept being called a Rock mark...I dont care, everyone is a mark for their favorite wrestlers or superstars or whatever you wanna call them. ...
  3. The Most Deserving Champions

    There have been many WWE Superstars throughout the years that many of us believe should have been WWE or now for the past 9 years World Champion. Mr. Perfect, Ravishing Rick Rude and Million Dollar Man Teb Dibiasi come to mind right off the bat. Certainly Jake the Snake Roberts and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat should have worn the WWE Championship.

    However I will talking about talent that ...

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  4. Greatest Matches You Will Never See!

    With WrestleMania coming around I wanted to take the time to go through a list of dream matches we will definitely and problably never see. To me these are the matches that should have been main events or title matches.

    1. The Rock vs Shawn Michaels: Iron Man match for the WWE Championship.
    With out a doubt 2 of the greates of all time. Can you imagine the match these men could ...
  5. The Hulk Hogan problem.

    In the 80's there was no bigger draw or star in wrestling than Hulk Hogan. He was a real life super hero and he never seemed to lose. He beat heal after heal and had long lasting title runs that you dont see anymore. But than after a few years something went wrong...Hulk Hogan was a real life super hero who never got beat. He had the same moves and spouted the same rhetoric and his matches always ...
  6. Rivalries...where did they go?

    This is gonna be a tough subject to hit upon since its true that rivalries do still exist, however they feel so lack luster nowadays that I feel like we really dont have any real rivalries to speak of and Im gonna do my best to hit the point as best as I can with a few examples from past years. Ok here goes...

    Remember Triple H vs The Rock? If your a long time wrestling fan and were ...
  7. Did We As Fans Get Spoiled?

    I look at many of our comments and blogs and how negative they are or how much we all feel like things need to be better or improve. We complain about current stars and reflect on old times and wish why things couldnt be the way they used to be. Are things that bad in wresting? Should some things be changed and improved? Or did we as fans simply get spoiled somewhere along the way?

  8. Ending the Streak!

    The Undertakers streak at WrestleMania is more than legendary its mythical in proportion and no one will ever be able to repeat it or duplicate it. Cena was on his way to doing it but thankfully Randy Orton ended his winning ways at WrestleMania 24. But as WrestleMania approaches and Triple H will have his second opportunity to end the streak, which I dont think he willl, the question begs...Who could ...
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  9. Can You Smell What The Haters Are Cookin'...

    I have been a wrestling fan for years and have witnessed many incredible moments and I can say that without a doubt, The Rock returning was one of the most astonishing moments that I have seen in a long time...

    This is my first blog, so I will do my best to get straight to the point and not ramble as I am privy too...but as I can see the majority of the wrestling universe is very excited ...

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