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  1. Kayfaber's Avatar
    No offence meant here, but I thinnk you're on the crack.
  2. Chaston80's Avatar
    I dont wanna take anything away from Del Rio who I really dont know that well as a performer or anything else...or even Edge who I am very familiar with as I have seen his career from the moment he stepped into the WWE. But I just cant find myself caring about this at all. If they added Christian to the match and made it triple threat then I might care more.
  3. Kincaid's Avatar
    Personally, I find this feud boring. Not because of ADR, mind you. He was my pick (No joke) to win the Rumble. Its because of Edge. The guy is talented as a worker. But from an entertainment standpoint, I've never bought into any Edge storyline. They all seem just kind of thrown together. Christian's return added spice especially with all those stiff shots he's put on ADR. I REALLY wanted it to be ADR vs. Rey Mysterio for the title. THAT would've tore the house down! Edge is just not interesting enough for me.

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