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    Its all about the build up and I am glad people see it! The sport should be like any sport and that's based on a championship. If you ain't playing for a championship then it had better be during to extreme bad blood (example : The Ravens and Steelers). The only thing wwe is doing right is building up Rock vs Cena, people complain about it being so long but every body will be ready when it happens!
    Two thumbs up for a great build up ppv TNA!
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    Thanks for the comments and thoughts....

    Only thing I'll say last years Bound For Glory was great up till Hogan and Bischoff interfered in the title match... Kinda threw alot of people off even with the most popular guy in TNA Jeff Hardy turning heel and not Mr Anderson or Kurt Angle.... Although they did good building the Mr Anderson character since...
    Now with Mania this year was it Cole vs Lawler that made it awful or Miz vs Cena or Snooki??? But i thought up till the Cole vs Lawler match it was good....

    Looking at Bound For Glory.... An Immortal? Fortune Spot feast in the Sting vs Hogan hopefully this want last but less the 10 minutes... Every other match should get 10 to 15 minutes.... Hopefully Angle vs Roode will at least 20 minutes or more with some good wrestling....
    Just wonder if they will tease any surprise, hadn't heard or see anything yet if so????
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    Niether show was that fantastic last year. Although I'm glad they're finally doing something with Bobby Roode. Hopefully his match with Kurt will be between 25 to 30 minutes. While Bobby is a solid performer this is his first main event & Kurt can carry most of the match while making both of them look good.
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    Man, great breakdown of these two events. I am amazed at how right you are on this topic. Bound for Glory has such a great build up compared to Wrestlemania! I cant help but throw in here that Wrestlemania wasnt the greatest PPV by far. I agree that build up has so much to do with this. Relating Bound for Glory to Wrestlemania 12 is an example. The build up for the main event is similar withut the iron man stipulation, but besides that Roode is Micheals and Angle is the legend Bret Hart. BTW wanted Mcheals to win and so will Roode!!!
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    I can't disagree with the fact that WWE mainly builds the main event matches however this build most times is far better than Tna's. One thing Tna does better in terms of building is that they give sufficient time for stories to build, that is the time between ppvs. 5weeks build for BFG whereas WWE has a 2 weeks for HIAC. 2 weeks really really really...
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    thanks for the comment....
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