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  1. Xpacfan's Avatar
    They all either retired or went to TNA...the end
  2. Cross22's Avatar
    Very well sad, especially your "In closing" remark...That sums up everything wrong with society today.
  3. BECCA_IS_AWESOME's Avatar
    nice thought put into this . i feel like they don't have to completely split everyone face/heel everyone should have some dynamic to them where they can do both its all about character building take the miz for example he can be a face with some cocky heel tendencies doing that brings so much more to the show punk could do that same thing if they let him it would also do cena some good as well refresh the scene
  4. Renevious's Avatar
    Great comments guys. I seriously love the feedback. This is why I do this.
  5. ch.brooks24's Avatar
    They need to have multiple storys going on involving tag teams. For example, you can have two teams feuding over the titles and two others feuding over a personal issue of some sort. This way we start to get to know these teams and we can invest in them. Same can be said about the divas title as well.

    Couldnt agree more about Truth/Kofi or any other "overnight tag team" as i like to call 'em. Them being champs does nothing for anyone involved.
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  6. Cross's Avatar
    First things first, glad to have you back Renevious.
    Me, I am a big Kofi fan, and I even want him to drop the tag team titles with R-Truth. So no harm done in saying that, atleast in my perspective. Their single careers are doing squat with them as a tag team. They do not even do much. Does WWE really want me to believe Kofi would be on the same side with R-Truth? I mean seriously.

    Legit teams should and need the titles. Without a legit tag teams winning tag team belts against two single competitors who have been tag teaming for only a few months, it loses prestige. It would be like Jey Uso (a tag team competitor) beating Antonio Cesaro (a singles competitor for the US Title. It just does not make any logical sense.

    Thanks for the blog.
  7. Dperk911's Avatar
    Couldnt agree more.

    Speaking of Kofi i think its time for a heel turn also.
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