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Should Vince hire fans?

Hello kiddies. Been watching this site for a long time.bout 2 yrs now. I feel its time 4 MY infinite wisdom.
Whew that guy was so annoying.needs 2 stop peeing n the shower n get a life.
So.....we know Vince wants talent that has an appreciation 4 the history of the business. So much so that ive heard about history tests. He doesnt want any more goldberglashleybatista next big thin whos gonna keep leaving him. He wants copelands resos jomos whove been fans their whole life.
Makes total sense. But why not apply that 2 creative.Get rid of the brown nosers.the racist wiggas n old gay perverts n dumb country bumkins. I dont care if you had 2 pay Hall n crack n Jake Roberts n cases of Wild Turkey. Imagine the story lines n angles with those types of great minds.
Y not us either? Id read the dirt sheet blogs n either steal their ideas or hire the people writing them.


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