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  1. The O.V.'s Avatar
    I like the way you describe WWE as a variety show. Very apt. Although I have to disagree when you say 'Attitude' is dead. It's diminished certainly, but not quite dead. Attitude was extremely popular and WWE knows this. That's why Attitude is being paid lip service now with the various Rock and Stone Cold appearances. It'll never come back in full, as you rightly said, it's run it's course, but expect to be drip fed little Attitude moments from time to time.
  2. nrb6304's Avatar
    Great points. Too much hate for the Bingo hall though, but I understand what you're saying. ECW wasn't the BEST promotion EVER, but it was quite good I must say. ECW was able to give fans: Hardcore Wrestlin (Axl/Ian Rotten) but amazing wrestling matches as well (RVD/Lynn,Guerrero/Malenko) ECW is dead though that I agree with. The ONLY ECW match that I would actually want to see again is RVD vs. Lynn. IDGAF what anybody says I'd buy that match.
  3. NaterD4's Avatar
    Well said.
  4. CRock128's Avatar
    And thats the reason why WWE says they have entertainers instead of wrestlers, so I guess that we should stop calling them wrestlers now too and start calling them entertainers if you want to follow in the foot steps of WWE, Not saying what your stating is wrong but they have taking the wrestling out of wrestling as of late and started selling movie and stuff like that, and the quality of the matches have suffered, and you say the attitude era is dead but who is coming back now to help the WWE????? THE ROCK!!! AND HE'S FROM THE ATTITUDE ERA!!!!!
  5. Tenzach's Avatar
    Everything you said was true. Well done, nice blog.

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