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  1. WWE Issues: Storylines, PPV, Talent, Titles & More!

    Hello all..!!

    Thanks for reading my earlier blogs. I know, I need to be a bit more frequent, but it does get tough to be a regular poster on eWN. What prompts me to post a blog now and then, is the true fan frustration in me coming to a boil and then bursting out. Like it did with my previous blogs.

    Now, this time round, I decided to step back and take a look at what exactly ...

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  2. Jericho - what to expect?

    First of all, I wish all of you a very happy new year!!

    Like many of you, I am one of the viewers who is pretty disappointed with how WWE treats its talent, largely. And to be honest, I am very unhappy with some really good talent being pushed to a jobber status. I know, only a few get the right push, but till then, it becomes pretty irritating to see them come out every week because ...
  3. How DB can be used to solve the storyline problem

    A lot has been written of late and many opinions posted about how the WWE needs to get its act right, especially with respect to handling mid-carders with talent and most importantly, in terms of getting its storylines in the right direction. One of the points, misconstrued to be a central aspect of WWE storylines, is the John Cena heat. The situation there is very clear - milk the cash cow. Kids ...

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  4. WWE - The Resurrection?

    Over the last few years, we have waited for the WWE to seriously pull its socks up in all aspects of wrestling entertainment - superstars in the roster, wrestling action, storylines, new talent - and were reasonably disappointed. After all, the WWE had Cena, Y2J, Orton, Deadman, Rey Mysterio, Edge and a host of other talented guys. But somehow, something was missing. TNA was smartly mixing it up, ...

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