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  1. Who Should WWE push and who they shouldn't - Raw

    Continuing on from previous blog focusing on smackdown, here is my view on who the WWE should push to higher status and who they demote.

    Daniel Bryan - For once the WWE has got it right, instead of just throwing the next star into the main event they have put Bryan in the mid-card section. For me the United States and Intercontinental championships are stepping stones to the Big ones. ...
  2. Who Should WWE push and who they shouldn't

    This is my first attempt at a blog, so please go easy. As the title explains i will tell you who i think WWE should push to main event status and i think should stay where they are, or be demoted.

    Smackdown Push - Now before i start, you may be thinking why i have put smackdown first instead of Raw, the reason being is that I believe that smackdown has the majority of better wrestlers. ...

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