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  1. BigJM's Avatar
    I could not agree with you more. Vince has created a very obvious formula of how he stacks the brands since the roster split and now it seems like he is throwing it out of the window, hopefully for the time being. I agree with some articles that bring up the point that there will be guys who will get lost between the two shows inter-promotions, so I hope this idea is not planned for too long into the extended future.
  2. belleza's Avatar
    i had actually never thought of this idea until i read this blog...veddy veddy interesting, i like the way you think
  3. kjell's Avatar
    agreed. i get enough cena, del rio, miz and cm punk on mondays. Fridays i want to see cody rhodes, sheamus, christia and orton(although he is as boring as watching paint dry)
  4. KingOrton's Avatar
    Hmmm Interesting... very interesting. I like it. Alot.
  5. f408m's Avatar
    I like it, all i'd add is merge Superstars with NXT
  6. The_Awesome_One's Avatar
    I dont think they get the most important thing WWE IS FAKE there is no way they would act like this if WWE was real as they would leave WWE open to been sued so WWE would just Fire them, therefore they wouldnt do it in the first place due to fear of losing their job
  7. belleza's Avatar
    Ugh. She defienetely could have been more professional, and now she just looks like a fool, serves her right. I believe that there is a difference in between bullying and WWE, even if it is only a slight difference. In WWE, they do not pick on people who cannot fight back...well, to an extent, but you get the drift. It's different than the big bad bully picking on the small kid who can't put up a fight. They don't pick on others for race issues which happens in some schools... (well, there was that old match where Roddy Piper painted himself half black). It's wrestlers picking on other wrestlers, whereas bullies generally DON'T pick on other bullies.
    However, like you said, bullying, fighting, etc. is KEY component to WWE.
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