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  1. Bring Back the Glory of the Tag Team Division

    It is a sad state of the WWE that they haven’t focused on the WWE Tag Team Division for the past couple of years. Last year of 2010, the WWE Tag-Team Championship Title has changed hands 6 times. So far this year of 2011, the WWE Tag-Team Championship Title has changed hands 5 times. In the last two years, the Season 1 NXT wrestlers collectively have held the titles the most. Though professional ...
  2. Is the “Rawkdown” really beneficial for the WWE?

    Now, I’m going to play devil’s advocate (well, sort of devil’s advocate) for keeping the Split-Brand concept. It seems that one of the main reasons for combining the two shows, which I collectively call the “Rawkdown” is to get better ratings for Smackdown. Now the fact is the hottest draws will always be on Raw and they will always be on Raw because that’s the WWE’s bread and butter. ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  3. Nxt 2.0?

    NXT 2.0?

    With NXT not showing any sign that it will come to an end and have a definitive winner, is it time to move on to the next level of NXT?

    When Vince McMahon and the WWE conceptualized the NXT show, is it possible that they had no end game in sight? NXT started in February 23, 2010, replacing ECW. After a 4 year run, ECW was not producing the ...
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    Thoughts and Opinions
  4. Be a Bully or Be a Star?

    In recent news after Summerslam, on August 19, 2011, Lisa Wright, Managing Director of Council for Unity, wrote a letter to the be a STAR Alliance ( questioning their affiliation with the WWE. The letter was sent after she received an e-mail, which pointed out the “fat jokes” regarding Vickie Guerrero, apparently referring to Monday Night Raw when Vickie Guerrero was at the ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions

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