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  1. The Piper's Avatar
    this is far-fetched, but I would love it if an added OMG! moment would be specific finisher-finisher reversals, such as an AA countered mid-air into an RKO. I know it's crazy, and there wouldn't be many of them, but it would be pretty damn cool.
  2. ewantu2's Avatar
    3 stages of hell has no excuse to not be in the game. All they have to do is let you pick 3 matches and do them in a row. It would be much easier to make then the others.
  3. LostOmega's Avatar
    Some new gear and clothing options would be nice. We've been working with the same crap for years now. Correct me if I'm wrong because I skipped over WWE '13 and I don't know if they made any improvements to CAW.
  4. wsm1996's Avatar
    I'm thinking 2k14 will have lots of the music in it that nba games do, ya know with out lil wayne n bball themed music
  5. rhyno535's Avatar
    Good points there. The only thing i want is GM Mode. If they include that i will pre order the game faster than anyone else does.

    And i hope that they include REAL MUSIC in the game. Remember songs like Firefly or Survive? Why not bullet with a name on it or everybody down? And who can not forget the last night on earth intro in SDvsRAW. I want a very nice soundtrack in the game that pumps me up while playing the game. Thanks to the GM modes in 06,07,08 i almost know every single word in my favorite songs in the games. I dont want to hear Ortons theme song or Miz "AWESOME" theme, i want a good song like Riot from three days grace. A couple of rock and rap songs, or else let us change the songs in the game.
  6. TheMizIsMichaelCole's Avatar
    Make pins harder to kick out of online?
  7. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I like new match types except for ambulance.
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