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    I know I already posted this here but I'll do it again since the comments were deleted. I think Demolition should be acknowledged on any list of the best/(even personal favorite) tag teams. They are the longest reigning champs ever and influenced many to follow. Awesome look and awesome music. Pioneers.

    Still, you have a decent list, although I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess you began watching wrestling in the 2000's (not that there's anything wrong with that ). That being said, you probably included LOD based on their history as a sign of respect even though you didn't grow up with them (in their prime), just thinking Demolition deserved the same respect.
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    I only wish that WWE allowed the game companies to make Superstar threads like, Oh Idk, Actually Customize able? I mean all your doing is just recoloring. I'd actually really love it if I could put Cena in that monkey suit in the CAW section lol

    And yeah, I love opinions and I mostly agree with your points other than the 5v5 match. While I too would love this in the game, this is a console restricted game and that said, just really LIMITS the realism. The game's engine is restricted to having only 6 wrestlers on screen with King and Cole, and ref also on screen at a time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    My RAW briefcase match winner keeps changing, but currently thinking Orton.
    Same here. I can't see Punk winning for a third time. I think it would wasteful to see Bryan win because they already want him against Cena for the title at SummerSlam, so to cash in a month after winning it and to give heads up notice as well would be stupid when they can give it to someone who will hold onto it for a little bit longer. The only reason Cena did that after he won was because they needed someone to fail at cashing in. That's the only reason. Sheamus isn't really 'there' at the moment, Kane and Bryan have already won once. Van Dam has already won it, plus he is really only on a Legends contract like Lesnar and Rock so I can't see him winning it since his participation in the match is really only for appearances. Only difference is he is sticking around after that. It would not hurt Van Dam mentally if he lost. Orton has never won it so he would be front runner. He needs this win since he has not won anything major since SummerSlam 2012 when he regained the World Title. Plus, it would be good to see him re-ignite his feud with John Cena or possibly continue his short feud with Daniel Bryan if Bryan goes over Cena at SummerSlam, if the match happens that is. Long story short, ORTON FTW!
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    This post reminded me of how good of a goddamn card we got. It's damn near Summerslam but with less hype (a good thing). I'm gonna order it if I can get one or two friends to watch. I agree with most of your results. My RAW briefcase match winner keeps changing, but currently thinking Orton.
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    I like the soundtrack idea like nba 2k that someone mentioned. Survivor Series mode is a must. Plus Royal rumble improvements. RR should be the most fun mode in the game, but it always sucks.
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    If you have facebook the wwe 2k14 team has been asking for suggestions. This blog is good and all but for it to be truly effective I would suggest you head over there and tell them about your ideas.

    I have never really see a game company ask for opinions from the public. This would be a good opportunity for you.
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    Something that I forgot to mention, I would like to see extra catching finishers. We already have the RKO, GTS, Attitude Adjustment, World's Strongest Slam, Chokeslam and the Tombstone Piledriver. I would like to see them add a mid-air F5, a mid-air Spear and a mid-air Brogue Kick.
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